Sector 4

Andreea, Adi, Geanina, Ana Ioncea, Rebeca, Sandina – were the people that took a Sunday school class and learn good skills on how to teach a class, how to make up stories and games that are very interactive. Here are a few of their testimonies.

Geanina: "This class was a breath of fresh air to me and a push for the ministry with the kids. The ideas for the lessons and for the games helped me expand my horizon to see the multitude of possibilities there are to teach. I enjoyed being part of the team, especially because some of us are serving in Sector 4 and some in Budesti. That way we could work together in making up games that we could use for the kids. Being encouraged this way meant a lot in continuing ministering to the kids.”

Andreea: "It was amazing! I had no idea I could teach a lesson and enjoy it!"

Sandina: "I felt like a child again. Skipping and running around, making up stories, teaching: lovely! God opened doors to creativity and we used them."

Adi: “I’ve learnt stuff that I only heard of before, but never knew how to put it to practice. I think it's very beneficial for us, as a team, that we took this class."

What a great way to start the new year! It’s amazing how God discovers ways and skills people had no idea about.

All praises be to our Lord!
For the ECM team,
Ana Vasile


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