Sector 4

About 15 kids and grown ups embellished the chairs in our church Sunday the 5th of June. Coca, Georgiana’s mom, and two other younger women with their toddlers, completed the lovely group of children. They did great considering. They had to read, sing, pay attention and face a totally new audience.

I remembered then the warning James gives in his letter. James 2:1-5. And I realized once more that when it comes to the Kingdom of God it’s not about us and our own favoritism, it’s about God’s glory. May the thought of Christ dwell in us as we rejoice over God’s call to the weak and poor of this world. Sector 4 has yet a lot to offer and the light of God still needs to shine over that area of the city. Until souls are reached and rescued.

Thank you for your prayers. As for the future, please keep on praying, God is working!

For the ECM team,
Ana Vasile


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