Sector 4

We cannot brag about anything when it comes to the ministry in sector 4. Muddy streets? Yes, they’ve been walked before. Rejection and contempt? The disciples have been there long before we ever existed. Feeding and clothing people who give nothing back? Well, it’s what we’re told to do.
The truth of it all is that we are small, nothing but vessels. But the joy of being filled with the Holy Spirit is our drive here. Our Eternal God is Great, Holy and Worthy of praise. He is the One who understands our struggle in the ministry with mentalities, with our “not knowing what we’re dealing with”, human misery and such.

We were just remembering the other day about how wild and hard to work with these children were when we first arrived. They’re still a handful but they’ve changed a lot. And now that we started again the meetings with the grown-ups it’s just wonderful!

Knowing that God blesses every weak beginning is a testimony of His grace. And you know what? Any outburst of faith, any question asked about the future and about Christ’ coming back, any small twinkle of happiness in their eyes –whether they are children or adults- anything like that, just fills our heart.

Talking about Christmas with the older and younger children is a celebration in itself. I had to show them on the calendar that we are still 2 months away. It did not matter though; maybe a day is really like 1000 years for them. But we started to rehearse Christmas carols and give away verses to be learned and poems to be recited. Everyone should have a part and on the 19th of December it’s going to be a day of celebration. There is a reason behind all of it: a Christmas with meaning. Yes there will be presents, Lord willing and yes there will be laughter and joy, but with Christ in the centre, nothing about Santa. It’s not that I am Grinch or anything, but where is the real joy if not in our Messiah?

There will be a few children not attending the carol service on the 19th of December. We said goodbye again to the 3 siblings Samir, Cristina and Elvetianu. They will be away again in their parents search for a better life in Spain. May God keep them and protect them; may they remember Christ everyday of their lives.

Alright, well that’s about it from Sector 4 team.
We need prayer support.
Please consider praying for what you read in here. It’s very much appreciated and needed.

In Christ, the One who fulfils every heart.
Ana Popa


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