Sector 4

Talking to Ramona is not something to take for granted. Because we don’t know how much more she’s going to be around us.
Our God knows why He has us going there, week after week. It’s not because we’re clever with words and able to start convicting people of their sins. No way! That’s the Holy Spirit’s business. God wants us to obey Him, to love Him and to follow Him. He prepares us and in His wisdom, He uses us.
This is how He uses Ramona.

Ramona has a funny way of greeting everyone she knows from our group. She calls Sandina “Missy” or she calls Adi “her brother”. She loves Andreea’s counseling and Sandina’s impute; she likes being with people who tell her something different. Like God. Witnessing for Him in Ramona’s little shack is a joy and a burden.
Everyone has a part here: if one prays, the other shares from the Word.

Last Sunday, the 16th of May 2010, as we started a study from John with her, she actually read letter by letter verse 12 from the Gospel of John chapter 1. She never went to school so reading now as an adult can be quite a challenge.
We pray now that next Sunday she’ll have her neighbor women friends coming to the study as well.

In everything, God is at work!
Thank you all for your prayers
Ana Popa


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