Sector 4

Dear friends and co-workers,
With our Lord's help, the second ECM Children's camp took place last week! The uniqueness of this camp is that the participants are all children and teens that attend our mission points in Bucharest and around Bucharest, and are mostly gypsies. These children come from very poor backgrounds and have never been away from home, all the more, to a christian camp.
If last year's number of children was 11, this year we had 32! It was definitely a challenge and a big step of faith to take so many children to camp, but with our Lord's help, we went and believed He would help us!
The Bible Study time, the small groups and the outdoor games & activities were great! Our dear Lord showed us favor and the children were touched by the Word of God and 9 of them made a public decision to follow the Lord! We believe that more made this decision, but were too shy to make it public at the camp.

Please pray with us that what they heard and saw while at the camp will influence their lives for eternity!
Here are some names of children that need your prayers: Daniel, Gilbert, Josua, Claudia, Ana, Alexandra, Maria, Nagy, Georgiana, Andreea.

For His glory,
Sandina Ioncea
The ECM Team-Romania

As Philadelphia Baptist Church of Bucharest grew, I and a number of our people went into a very poor area of Bucharest, after our church service. We met mostly gypsy people.
After some years of going on a regular basis, it was apparent we needed a building to meet in. So, by the grace of God, He moved some of you all to provide it.
A gypsy family with 4 daughters was living in a mud hut. We built a 2 story house where they live on the first level and we have the second level for our Sunday service.
The room fills up with poor children from the neighborhood and some parents. They learn God’s word.
This is in Sector 4 of Bucharest. Many have God’s word deep in their hearts.
That brings us to our next stop along God’s Acts 1:8 Road Map. A mother in Sector 4 talked to a relative in the town of Budesti, Romania (about 20 miles South).
For all of you reading this, remember how God views your partnership: 3 John 8!

To be continued…

Dwight Stone
European Christian Mission NA (Romania)

Dear friends,
Here are some photos from our mission point located in Bucharest, sector 4 (section 4 of the city). This is one of the locations that we do ministry in on a regular basis and the children are very interested to the Good News we are bringing!

Please pray for these children and their families!

In Christ,
Doinita Popa
ECM NA Team in Romania

Here we are, by the grace of God, at the end of another year filled with blessings in sector 4 of Bucharest!

It has been a tough road to walk on but God's love opened some hearts and helped the Gospel move forward. Many of the kids that are frequent to our meetings came closer to God. Their behavior has changed for the better and they show respect to God's Word - they read it, memorize it and whenever they face problems, they pray!

At the Christmas celebration 7 of the most hard-working kids have set up a great skit and it was just amazing to notice the effort they put into learning their lines and becoming actors, even if it was for 5 minutes.

As the end of the year is so close, we just want to share some of their own prayer requests:
Maria - "I want to stop being naughty"
Busca - "I want to learn how to tie my shoe laces" (and when she said that she was quite upset)
Nagi - "I want to have a phone"
Aise - "I want to find a job and I want my mom to come home" (her mom is off to Spain for work)
Mihai - "I want to have my share in the blessings of the Lord"
Samir - "I want to be better in school"
Georgiana - "I want to be able to learn by heart"
Meli - "I want my tests results to be better"
Maira - "I want my dad to come out of prison"
Bela & Claudia - "We want our mom and dad to come home" 
Goghi - I want to stop being naughty
Three of the mothers (Coca, Pitica, Nagi's mum) want us to pray for their health.

"For where two or three are gathered together in My name, there am I in the midst of them."(Matt. 18:20)

May the joy, peace and love that only come from our Savior take roots in the hearts of these kids and their parents!

In a world where Rroma people and especially Rroma children are not highly regarded at all, I’ve met a precious 14 year old girl.
She comes from a large Turkish Rroma family: she has nine other siblings.
Her name is Neagra (The Black one), as her parents call her, but she changed her name into Ana – which means “mother” in Turk. And “mother” is what she really is for her siblings. Her parents are away in Italy, begging, and some of her siblings are staying with relatives.
Neagra “only” needs to take care of 2 younger sisters and a little brother.
They are living with the family in who’s house we have our Sector 4 meetings.

Neagra and her sisters have been a constant presence at the kids meetings for many years. But two or three months ago, something started to change in this girl’s life. She asked us for a Bible to read. She even started a small Bible study. She’s always paying attention to what we teach, she answers questions and she memorizes Bible verses. She opened up so much to us lately and she is asking a lot of questions about our Lord Jesus.

Neagra is asking God to come into her life and change her for good. She wants to love Christ with all her heart. And more, she even prays her family will come to know Christ! In the midst of a dark world, the light of the Lord started to shine in a child’s heart.

Andreea Chirita, ECM NA (ROMANIA) Team

Dear friends,
It’s a great encouragement for me to see, each Sunday, 25 to 30 kids willing to learn new things about our Heavenly Father, kids ready to rejoice together, sing together, do crafts together, eat and pray together!

*Just the other day one of the boys gave the right answer to one of the reviewing questions and got a candy for it. He did not eat it himself but gave it to his younger brother!!!

*Another thing that struck me was that many of them are very gifted in creating little things in our craft time. You would never think they are so talented but then, they come, they see, they do and surprise all of us!

*Also, the little boy holding tight to his sneakers…another simple, yet memorable moment! The second he received them, he wouldn’t let go of them, that’s how happy he was! They were his treasure.These are the small things I meant to share with you all, but so great in the sight of God. He is the One who definitely works in our hearts as well as in their hearts!

Praise God for He is alive and is the Only True God!
For the ECM team,
Luiza Ghetu

Dear friends and co-workers in the ministry,
The month of October brought cold weather over Romania and the poorer people were, as always, found unprepared to face it. For this reason, our team went and bought a wood stove for Sevijana (a 19 year old gypsy lady), mother of 2 small children (baby who is 1 month and toddler), who also takes care of 2 other older children. There are 6 of them sharing a room, with blankets on the walls, a door that doesn’t close and has a missing window (covered by another blanket).

Please pray for her, as she is faithfully coming to our meetings! We are shining the light of Jesus Christ in that dark area of Bucharest and the Lord will work wonders!

By His Grace,
The ECM Team
Bucharest, Romania

During the previous months, we promised the kids in sector 4 that we would take them to have an Easter Worship Program at our church (Filadelfia Baptist Church-Bucharest). So, yesterday, on Palm Sunday in Romania, we brought about 15 best behaved kids and 2 grown-ups to church and they praised the Lord with songs and verses. They did wonderful!
Afterwords, we served them lunch and then they spent a couple of hours on the church’s playground.
It was a very special day for them, and for us.

All glory be to our Lord!


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