In the villages and small towns of Romania, there is very little work for the youth. So, millions went throughout Europe to work and, in these cities, Romanian churches would start. By word of mouth they heard about our willingness to hold teaching conferences and so, we were called to come to countries like Spain, Italy and Austria. We now have a number of churches in these countries where we go to build them up in the faith regularly.

Interesting, on my last trip to Italy, we were invited to do a live TV Program on the Romanian TV Station in Rome, Italy.

Oh, how faithful our Lord is to us and to His Word! He called us to follow Him (John 10:27) on the narrow way (Luke 13:24), to do the work He did (John 14:12-15).

Thank you for your vital partnership, to help and enable us!
To be continued.
Dwight Stone
European Christian Mission NA Inc (Romania)


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