Baleni-Sarbi, Targoviste
Baleni Sarbi mobile clinic had one of the most interesting settings I’ve been in so far. The Pentecostal Church, the only finished building from the “Platforma groapa de gunoi” (The Landfill Platform) hosted maybe the first mobile clinic so far.

It’s where we had grace from God, it’s where He showed His mercy upon His people!
We always find people who share the same symptoms, everywhere we go. Men and women with different stories.

It’s very emotional to hear all these stories, all their testimonies; I’ve listened to women beaten by their husbands who found comfort in Christ; I heard a man who told me he use to be “the greatest drunk this earth has ever seen”, but he was found by Christ; the pastor’s mother on law was telling me that her heart is too evil to repent and she does not want to lie on God…Then there was this old lady who had the prettiest smile ever. She was so impressed by what we were doing that she came back to give us something: some wooden spoons. That really touched my heart!

Have you ever thought that a landfill can be so alive?
I’ve learned that the dirtiest place it’s not what we can see with our eyes, it’s what can come out of an unsaved heart.
Ana Popa


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