Friends, another year is about to pass on. It is time for all of us to rejoice! Time to remind ourselves of God's great love for us, by sending His only begotten Son, to rescue us out of this present evil age (Gal 1:4). For we all know we have much to be thankful for!

Our team of workers here in Romania are very thankful to our Lord for allowing us to serve Him. Our Lord is accomplishing wonderful things here amongst the Roma people (Gypsy), 1 Cor 3:5-7, as He has opened doors for the spread of His gospel (1 Cor 16:9). As we serve, there is much warfare around us but all glory to our Lord who always leads to victory (2 Cor 2:14-17)! So let us all bow before Him with thankful,rejoicing hearts.

We thank God for all of you who are our fellow-workers, partners in our Lord's work! By your prayers and financial helps, we continue on, by His grace. So from all of us here we thank you for your great helps! Rejoice, we are one day closer to home!

Dwight for all the ECM team

Hello dear friends, 

This week, part of our team, together with another mission group, organised a camp for orphans (that we work with every week, at an orphanage in Bucharest).
So, we took 9 kids from the orphanage and 2 teenagers that we worked with in the past, out for camp.
The kids are fantastic, once you gain their trust, and George, our gypsy pastor, was able to do that this week, wonderfully!

We met in "Chapel", where we worshiped the Lord together, prayed and learned truths from the Bible.
It's amazing to serve these kids and realize the need they have for friends and people they can trust!

We had lots of outdoor fun, like paintball, trip to the muddy volcanoes and soap sliding.
Lastly, this camp was an unforgettable experience for all of us!
It is our prayer that we are able to repeat these camps every year.

May the Lord have mercy on these young hearts that suffered so much already!

Adi Ghetu
ECM NA- Romania Team

In the villages and small towns of Romania, there is very little work for the youth. So, millions went throughout Europe to work and, in these cities, Romanian churches would start. By word of mouth they heard about our willingness to hold teaching conferences and so, we were called to come to countries like Spain, Italy and Austria. We now have a number of churches in these countries where we go to build them up in the faith regularly.

Interesting, on my last trip to Italy, we were invited to do a live TV Program on the Romanian TV Station in Rome, Italy.

Oh, how faithful our Lord is to us and to His Word! He called us to follow Him (John 10:27) on the narrow way (Luke 13:24), to do the work He did (John 14:12-15).

Thank you for your vital partnership, to help and enable us!
To be continued.
Dwight Stone
European Christian Mission NA Inc (Romania)

As leader of the ECM Ministry Team in Romania, I, Dwight Stone, intend to write a brief summary of the many wonderful opportunities our Lord Jesus Christ has given us to serve Him.
My intention is to praise our Lord for His grace and love toward us and, at the same time, thank and encourage all of you whom the Lord moved to pray and give financially!
That enables us here to press forward with the Gospel!

“Eight years ago, our Lord opened the door of opportunity to start a church in Bucharest, Romania. There were about 10 of us. With much prayer and reliance on our Lord, Philadelphia Baptist Church has grown and has filled the meeting place, leading to pray about a church plant on the other side of the city. As we grew, we pursued the lost outside our meetings and the Lord opened a new interesting door of ministry. All by the grace of God!”

On our next article, we will talk about how God led us to the next mission point and His road map (Acts 1:8).
To be continued…

Dwight Stone

160 Km away from Bucharest, Adi Ghetu, from the ECM team, joined a team from The Holy Trinity Church and some news crew to help clear the snow from the streets and homes along the way.

The needs are great, but their greatest need is to hear the Gospel of Christ. Please pray for the many people who seek help, so that they can find rest and peace in the arms of Christ, our Redeemer!

“Come to me all ye weary… (Matt. 11:28)

The summer of 2011 has been filled with joy for us – Nicu and Lidia-. We have been praying for a while now to serve in a new place and the Lord answered our prayer.
It all started in the month of June in Chitila, a neighborhood a little outside of Bucharest. This is the place where gypsy people came from Transylvania, looking for work and without them knowing, they found God.
By the grace of God we went to a church that was closer to our home, “Isus Mantuitorul”. That’s where we met again a dear brother of ours, called Ioan Baranca. He’s a gypsy and he remembers our desire to serve in a gypsy place.
The ministry in Chitila is a new one, brought alive through faith by a few brothers and sisters who devoted themselves to the Lord. We go there three times a week; on Tuesdays and Fridays we teach the children and the youngsters how to read and write. On Sunday though we have a Bible study group and we have lovely fellowship.
It was very encouraging because we had a few visitors from America and from Spain. Their testimony was good for our group.

We are thankful to our Father because we know that His will for us is to tell others about Him, to honor Him and our neighbor through our service!
May God bless any soul that surrenders to Him and follows Him. And may these people whom are looking for work in Bucharest, be a testimony of the Creator’s love who tells us all:

“Come unto me, all ye that labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.”

Baleni-Sarbi, Targoviste
Baleni Sarbi mobile clinic had one of the most interesting settings I’ve been in so far. The Pentecostal Church, the only finished building from the “Platforma groapa de gunoi” (The Landfill Platform) hosted maybe the first mobile clinic so far.

It’s where we had grace from God, it’s where He showed His mercy upon His people!
We always find people who share the same symptoms, everywhere we go. Men and women with different stories.

It’s very emotional to hear all these stories, all their testimonies; I’ve listened to women beaten by their husbands who found comfort in Christ; I heard a man who told me he use to be “the greatest drunk this earth has ever seen”, but he was found by Christ; the pastor’s mother on law was telling me that her heart is too evil to repent and she does not want to lie on God…Then there was this old lady who had the prettiest smile ever. She was so impressed by what we were doing that she came back to give us something: some wooden spoons. That really touched my heart!

Have you ever thought that a landfill can be so alive?
I’ve learned that the dirtiest place it’s not what we can see with our eyes, it’s what can come out of an unsaved heart.
Ana Popa

We went back for a second visit to Strejnic where we had a nice quiet mobile clinic, as we like to say. Everyone who came – 40 to 50 people – waited their turn patiently and politely. Most people came to get reading glasses, others for a quick check on their health and quick solution to their financial problem…
They are poor and can’t afford doctor’s visit… and some came to chat…Well, in fact, all wanted to chat. Especially the old people.
We observe people as we meet them.

These people were very opened to what we had to say. Because our Lord prepared their hearts beforehand.
It was interesting to find out that there are some fruits after our first visit in October last year. Some people came to the clinic looking for reading glasses, and they ended up coming to church. Some baptized!
We especially enjoyed Dr. Thomas Kay and his family’s help and also the local help: pastor and people from the church.

Praise the Lord! This is our ministry, this is our prayer: that every soul is touched by the redeeming hand of our Mighty Savior!


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