Nursing Ministry

Lucianca is a village where some young people from a church in Bucharest go and serve God on a weekly basis. It was as well the location for a second mobile clinic. The mobile clinic was organized together with Pro-Life/Pro Vita clinic, in an old school where we had to bring benches and chairs. Perfect place for what we came there to accomplish.

We started to have people in the morning, around 10.00 and we thought we were going to have a full day. That’s because we had a pretty big team of doctors, residents and nurses. But it was a quiet clinic, only had about 30 patients.
It’s not the number of people we see, I think. It’s God’s work. We were happy to have them all.

What is desirable in a man is his kindness, proverbs 19:22 says. So, I figured, what’s not kindness it’s not desirable, obviously. The mayor and priest’s “kindness” made it that the people were not exactly thrilled to come to the clinic.

May the Lord have mercy on them.
Ana Popa


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