Mission Teams

Conference at the Baptist Church "Emanuel" in Alexandria
"The conference was a great opportunity for the participants from Alexandria and the surrounding towns, to remember the great commission, and for some, to hear for the first time, that, beyond the sharing of our faith in Christ, we are called to make disciples who we should cultivate so that they, in their turn, be able to do the same thing. The ministration of Zach, Johnatan and Isaac determined me to rethink the Christian commission in these terms, too."
Ruben O., Bucharest 

"Praises be to our Lord for making possible the trip to Alexandria (and Caransebes – a few days later) and being able to listen to His Gospel taught by the 3 brothers from Hichory, NC, USA. I have realized how important it is that the Word of God is shared to the person God prepares for you, so that, at the right moment, that person goes and shares the Word of God further on… and this way God is made known in the whole world."
Anna I., Bucharest


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