Mission Teams

Friday was a very special day for the kids in Sector 4 and Budesti (two of our mission points in Romania). The best most attentive ones had the opportunity to come (as a reward for the year’s work) and spend the day with us. Together with the Hickory team, we had different sporting contests, games and crafting workshops.

The joy of being there could be seen on their faces! For some, this was the first day away from their home and first time doing most of the activities we did with them!

“I was a little nervous at first about how the kids would react to me. But there was no need to be nervous because as soon as you get there the kids swarm you. I was surprised by how much they loved you for just being there and playing with them. Many of these kids have no one that loves them so it amazed me by how much they loved us.”
Mattie, 14 years old, Hickory


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