The Tabernacle

We’ve been today as every Tuesday. Today it was special because there were lots of us coming from Bucharest and we had such a good fellowship. I think one of the most important part of going there is before the children arrive. Our dear host, Carmen’s mom, prepares some coffee and tea for us as we prepare the sandwiches for the children and pray.

The garden where we have our program with the kids is so beautiful and from some time now we gather under a tent where we sat some tables and benches. The Meeting Tent! It’s not the Tabernacle, but this is where we ask for the presence of God to fill these children hearts and minds!
The children have their summer brake since yesterday and they’re really happy and maybe that’s why they were fewer. Now they can help around their parents more.
Lidia taught them that the Lord Jesus is the Light of the World and she brought three candles to explain them the concept. It was nice to look into their eyes and see how they were taking it in.
We sit sometimes just scattered amongst them because some of the older children are very naughty and mocking. We rebuke them and always give them a choice; to be nice and stay with us or leave.

All we want is that this ministry to be done with the Hand and powerful help of God so that when we sing, when we pray, when we serve those children with some tea or sandwiches, we are aiming that God’s love will touch their little hearts and minds. We are really happy we can give them a little something to eat; some are so poor and just savage, really that it might be the only decent meal for the day.

The children learn quickly the Bible verses and then they push each other and compete with one another on whom to quote it by memory in front of us. One of the boys has a really funny way of saying it, looks like a little preacher: he stands and keeps his hands on the table as he closes his eyes. This is how he focuses! There were one time, verses about stealing, and one other boy – oh yes, most of them are boys- prayed to be forgiven because he doesn’t want to steel anymore.
This is the place where we plant the seed; the fruits belong only to the Lord.

To God be the glory!
Ana Popa


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