Hulubesti. Now this is a place where we haven’t been in a while, due to some organising changes. But God brought us to these children again and we were welcomed by such warmth and love from them and from the hosts, the Pauna family.

It has been a fun day with the children, we all paid attention to the sister who was teaching them. The kids did too; they were opening wide their eyes and absorbing what they were told. May God reach to them!
The American and Canadian missionaries literally got their hands dirty as they were teaching and helping the children with their tie-die bandanas. They also sang, shared the Gospel and played with them.
A good meal was waiting for us at the end of that children class. The kids ate first and left home and then we set down and catched up on our respective news.

All in the Name of our dear Lord Jesus Christ,
Ana Popa


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