With great joy we want to share the news that this month, we were blessed with two baptisms. One was at Philadelphia Baptist Church in Bucharest (ECM’s First Church Plant) – where two young ladies and a man, testified to their faith in baptism. Our brother is from Iran and invited several of his Muslim friends to the church service.

The second baptism was in one of ECM’s mission points, in the village of Curcani. Here, two Gypsy ladies courageously stood up for the faith and were baptized outside, in front of friends and relatives. Because they live in the rural area, they face a lot of mockery and persecution, but their faith remains strong.

Please keep these five brothers and sisters in your prayers!
In Christ,
Doinita Popa

Hello dear friends!

Last week, the ECM Romania Team had the privilege to serve along with brothers and sisters from the US, in several ministry locations (Budesti, Curcani and 2 other places - all of these places have very Gypsy people).
Over 250 people received free medical care and free medicine, but the most important thing is they heard the Gospel of our Lord! While the medical ministry was going on, the children were involved in VBS-Children Ministry.
The Lord showed us favor! The Gospel was preached to the grownups but also to the children! Everybody was very receptive. May the Lord work with power in their hearts and bring them to salvation!
For His glory!
The ECM Team

PS. The new elected Mayor of Budesti (one of our biggest Gypsy Ministry Points) wanted to meet the team and express his gratitude for the help and involvement ECM is showing in the Gypsy community. The Lord is good!

Dear friends,
In Sector 4 of Bucharest, one of ECM's mission points, there was a special party! In the month of may, by the grace of our Lord, we completed a Bible Study Course for kids "The most amazing journey"-a 12 lesson course! The course requires a celebration to mark the completion of it, so we did it! We enjoyed sandwiches, cakes, diplomas, gifts, fun and just pure happiness! Thank you for your support in prayer and financial, so that this work can go on! May God work in these children and their parents and the seed planted in their heart bring eternal fruits! They live a very rough and violent life among Turk Gypsies and sometimes, the society excludes them, but God can change any heart and to Him be all the glory! Luiza Ghetu
ECM Romania Team

Dear friends and coworkers,
This email comes as a prayer request, in connection with our previous update from the mission point in Curcani, Romania.
The Lord opened a new door of ministry to us, in Curcani, by bringing into our way a good number of teenage Gypsy girls. These girls are very hungry and interested in the Word of God, and even requested a special time in the week, apart from Sundays, where they can really go deeper into the Bible. Their Gypsy tradition is that they get married really young, anywhere from 14 to 16 years old, so this mean that in few years they could have their own families!

Our prayer is that the Lord will change their hearts, strengthen their faith in such a way that they affect their future husbands and children!

In Christ,
Dwight Stone.
ECM NA - Romania

Dear friends,
We bring greetings from the church, here in Bucharest and from the ECM Ministry Team - Romania!
This update is about the village of Curcani, 45 km S-E of Bucharest, the capital of Romania.
Here, we have a church plant that is going strong, with the help of our Lord!
Last Sunday we finished a 12 lesson Bible Study Course with the older kids and teenagers and made a big celebration out of this. The children memorized Bible verses and knew all the lessons. They are the children receiving prizes in the pictures!
The adults attending are their parents/relatives and, in the back, even the neighbors stopped whatever they were doing and watched our program. We are very proud of these children, as they are very smart and committed to studying the Word of God!
May our Lord Jesus Christ save them and raise them up to become men and women of faith!

For His Glory!
Dani Popa

Hello dear friends, 

As you may remember, a while back, our team was planning to have a camp this summer for the best behaved kids in some of our mission points (Budesti, Curcani and Sector 4).

Well, this week, by the grace of God, we had that camp. There were 13 invited from Budesti, 11 from Curcani and 4 from Sector 4.
It was an awesome time of learning from the Word of God, praising and praying to our Father in the middle of His creation, playtime, games, fun and laughter!
The Lord is good!
Thank you for your prayers and support for the ministry in Romania!

In Christ, The ECM Team Romania

Hello dear friends, 

These are few pictures of the Vacation Bible School our team did in Curcani, Romania.

As you can see in the pictures, we praise God that when the kids come, they come with parents or grandparents, so it also is a time for grownups to hear the Good News of the Gospel.

In Christ, The ECM NA Team, Romania

Budesti, a small town of 10.000 souls, mostly gypsy…
Truly this place confirmed our Lord’s favor!

We started in one home, preaching God’s Gospel. Soon, we went house to house. We would drive into an area of town and scores of children would run to meet. Our meetings were outdoors but winter forced us to rent an office in town.
Soon, we needed a bigger place so, by God’s grace, some of you gave the funds to buy a building. It is now considered a church by the Baptist Union.
A family from Budesti asked us to visit a sister in Curcani, village 10 miles South. Once again, new people to hear God’s good news!
Two hours North of Bucharest, in Prahova County, we have a team spreading the Gospel. Slow going like each of these sites, but people are responding!
Friends, we understand God’s work here the same as it is recorded in Acts 14:26-28! Rejoice all of you who partner with us! Galatians 6:7-10

To be continued.
Dwight Stone
European Christian Mission NA Inc (Romania) 


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