Dear friends and co-workers in the work of the Gospel,
In the past few years, a group of Romanian churches from the Prahova Region, in partnership with ECM, have been conducting church leadership conferences. Two weeks ago, by God’s grace, we held our largest ever. Great encouragement for all!
Serbia needs our Lord’s help greatly!
Thank you all for your helps, allowing us to go in our Lord’s name!

Dwight Stone
European Christian Mission NA Inc Team

Dear friends,
We bring a short update about our Leadership Development Conference, Brasov-Romania.

"But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, forbearance, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control. Against such things there is no law." Galatians 5:22-23
We are thankful to the Lord for His help and the way He always works when His word is proclaimed! This year's conference was based on Galatians 5:22-23 and the signs of an authentic Christian.
There were over 125 participants from all over Romania, but also few that came from Italy, Germany and Spain especially for the conference. We had a blessed time of worship, Bible Study and fellowship! The Holy Spirit worked with power through His Word proclaimed and we saw several young people commit their lives to Him.
All glory to our Lord!
Dani Popa
ECM Team - Romania


Our ministry team here in Romania is very thankful for your partnership in our Lord's mission here (Luke 14:23). As we reach out for the lost, it is His work and plan. As we obey Him, He counts us all as partners, who pray, help and go.(Matt 10:40-42)

You prayed for our mission to the Canary Islands a few weeks back, and our Lord gave us much power in our preaching and teaching. Men stood before their churches and testified how the Holy Spirit touched their hearts.

Now we need your help once again. From July 31 - August 4, we will host 120 young believers for a leadership development conference in the mountains of Romania. This will be our 13th in Romania and our Lord has granted us encouraging results through the years, all glory to our Lord Jesus Christ!

Thank you from all of us!


Dear friends,

Here are some pictures from the ministry in Gran Canaria and Tenerife, Spain.
By the Lord's grace, we were able to visit and serve in two local churches and also teach the Word of God in two conferences, one in each island. The people were very open and hungry for the Word. The Lord touched their hearts and grew in them the desire to become more like Him, as the time of His return is drawing near.

Thank you for your faithful prayers!
In Christ,
Dani Popa
ECM Team - Romania



“For you were formerly darkness, but now you are Light in the Lord; walk as children of Light” Ephesians 5:8
The conference in Stupini, Brasov numbered around 130 participants this year. It was a good mix; we had teenagers, ready to serve, young people, with a thirst for knowing more from our Lord, and young families with children, ready to strengthen and be strengthen. The USA team came through and completed in a nice way our time there, either up front, preaching or doing workshops, or outside with the kids, doing VBS. What matters is that the Name of our Lord was glorified at this conference. We were (spiritually) fed, convicted, informed, and ready to live according to our status: children of light. And the important thing is to generate a constant and even more powerful light for those that are not only living in darkness, but those that are darkness themselves, as we once were.
I am grateful to our Lord for our small group. We were all young families, and it’s not as easy, especially for moms of young ones, to be fully there. But we shared from our own experiences, and in the context of Ephesians, what that means to be an imitator of God, to walk with Him and model that for our husband, wife or children. The main problem within a family is pride and that is linked to an unforgiving spirit but the apostle Paul is clear about that. Take off any of that that belongs to the old ways of living and with the help of God, put on the garments of light and fight for purity and for the Kingdom of God as a son or daughter of light. This is what it is to truly walk with the Lord.
I am grateful to our Lord that this event was made possible. I am also grateful to those who faithfully continue to give financially so that this ministry can go on.

May you all be encouraged in your walk with the Lord!
Ana Vasile
ECM Team-Romania

Greetings to all our friends!
The first week of August we had our 9th or 10th youth conference in Romania.
There was 130 of us besides 18 children.
It was a very profitable time for all who are IN CHRIST.

Our theme was "The Supremacy of CHRIST". From 9 points of view our Lord was exalted and it was a great blessing for me and others!

Please pray that the young believers who came will bless their local churches!
And thank you all for your continue helps that keep us going forward here.

One side note: our ministries to the Gypsies here in Southern Romania is now expanding to a 4th location!
All glory to our Lord for He loves the afflicted - 1 Cor 1:26-31

Dwight ECM NA - Romania

Stupini, Brasov was our conference meeting place between August 4 and August 8 of 2014. God blessed us with good weather, good food and most of all, good teaching. For about 100 people, mostly youngsters Adam Ashoff  from Hickory Harvest Church and Cristi Chivu from the Bucharest Holy Trinity Church shared God’s view on making disciples and how to be a godly leader.

Our example, the greatest leader of all times, Jesus Christ!

Then we came together in small groups to understand more practically what has been talked about. After lunch we had some nice relaxing time.

In the evening Chris Cerrito, Elijah Nickols – also from Hickory Harverst Church, Ruben Ologeanu – from Bucharest Philadelphia Church -, Adam and Cristi were up on the stage for some panel talking.

The young people were encouraged to find out more about Christ’ truth or to hear the truth of the Gospel explained in detail for the first time; they loved to sing together, they were happy to meet people from places like Caransebes, Alexandria, Campina, Bucharest, Bolintin and others; they were extatic playing football and volleyball. For those who came with their kids, each day a team of two ladies served in taking care of the kids, having fun activities outdoors.

All in all, we are thankful for God’s faithfulness shown each day to us in every detail. To God be the glory!

For the ECM team,
Andrei and Ana Vasile

“Then Jesus came to them and said, “All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to Me. Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you. And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age.”(Matthew 28:18-20)


These are a couple of thoughts from the conference:

I really am sorry that this conference has come to an end, I would have stayed for one more week. I learned that we have to make disciples, teach them so that they will make disciples as well. I pray that all of us here – at the conference – may show to others the love of Christ and let our pride aside.
We will pray for you and I hope, you will pray for us too!" Dan, Caransebes

"I found out that our American brothers made a special effort to be here for us and for that I thank them. 

One thing that spoke to me and that I should be practicing is LOVE. Even when you’re making disciples, when you’re helping your friends with homeworks, all must be done with love, in goodness. No jealousy, no pride. And by that people will know we belong to Christ, if we have love. May God help us apply everything we’ve learned this week." Stefan, Alexandria



Over 100 young people attended the conference in Câmpina, city of Romania, on April 28th. The theme was “What God thinks about you”. Here are some thoughts:

“May God continue to bless you for everything that you have done. I pray that my children and the youth group of our church will take pleasure in the love of our Redeemer, and work among people. Only what we did for Him will count!”
M. – Vălenii de Munte

“Congratulations for what you did today! Thank you for you serving and I pray that God will reward you. The small group has been a nice challenge for me because expressing my ideas has meant a lot for me, a beginning that I really needed. Be blessed!”
V. – Brătășanca

“And this time I felt how God is calling me. I always hear His voice saying: . I feel motivated. May God be with us and bless us!”

“Being the first time when I attend a conference, I’ve been impressed of everything. May God bless you!”

“A very nice time spent in the presence of God!”

“First of all, thank you for the invitation and for your serving. It has been a blessed and encouraging time, but challenging as well. I have enjoyed the time we spent in worship and fellowship. God has talked to me as well through brother Dwight! Thank you!”
G. – Bucharest

“It was a great time, blessed with healthy spiritual food! I needed the encouragements I received in there!! I felt encouraged to see how important is for God His own ministry and it made me realize that I have to be much more serious and not to treat without respect the fact that He has chosen me to work for Him. Besides, I was encouraged as well to see so many young people giving their hearts to God and who bring their lives in front of Him from their youth.”
Samuel Ioncea- Bucharest

“I thank God for the opportunity He gave to me to be part of this conference.The subjects developed here are exactly the ones we/I struggle every single day and they gave me a lot to think about my life.I am still thinking about some topics from the conference.. and I hope God will help me to apply them in my life.”
Ana Ioncea- Bucharest

“ I thank God a lot for I went there. It was a very blessed time and a very strong message, which I had a lot to learn from- we usually report ourselves to people and the way they see us, but this time I heard what are God’s thoughts about us and it’s really beautiful to know what God thinks about you.”
Rebeca Iacob – Bucharest


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