Ah, Dino Park! What a treat for the Bible club kids from Comarnic, Câmpina and Sat Miner. The outing had it all: Adventure, bits of history and lots of fun. After visiting the old medieval fort of Râșnov, everybody headed to Dino Park, just a bit down the road. It's sharing times like these that the kids get to experience Christian fellowship, as odd as it may be for some. Most of them come from orthodox backgrounds, parents with a low income and places that are not as keen on seeking and making God the Center of it all, to say the least.
We were happy to be sharing this time with them, remeembering God's creation and His plan for humanity! Please remember Bible club kids in your prayers. Some are starting highschool- Diana- and that's a time of change in their life, where self oriented media takes over. Some are getting ready for highschool and that's an intense learning time- Delia, Gabi, Denisa-. Others, like Izabela, experience a very taugh time at Home. Each and everyone of them is precious in God's eyes.
Pray we have heavenly wisdom so we might share it.
The seeds are planted. Now, we are waiting for Our Lord to work.
In His Name and for His honor,
Andrei and Ana Vasile


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