"The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it" (John 1:5).
We praise God for His light, because, by His grace we are able to minister to kids in Comarnic and Campina, and to the poor gypsy area in Campina, and whoever God brings our way. The word of God is proclaimed to them and we are waiting for His grace to melt their hearts!

Gabi, the young man in Comarnic, came to the church in Campina when we celebrated Thanksgiving and shared a Christian poem with us. The girls from Campina's Bible club also came to church and one of the dads also came along - one with a sad story of drinking and divorce from the "Christian" mother - . Last Sunday we had baby David's dedication - our nephew who was born to Cami and Emi Vasile - and we also had Gabi and Diana with us, the young people to whom we minister in Comarnic.
Now, coming to a baptist church service may not seem like a big deal in general, but here, in the small town of Campina or Comarnic, Romania, it is a big deal. And that's because of the Orthodox ever present church who does not condone it.
A responsive audience we seem to have found in the gypsy area which we visit from time to time in Campina. We gathered yesterday inside one of their little homes and we gladly noticed that they've put in the effort to make it nice and neat, made the beds, cleaned around so no clothes were scattered on the floors and such. We were happy to learn and to relate to them more then to preach and as the Word of God was proclaimed, we asked simple questions like "We speak a lot of the Lord Jesus Christ, but do you know who He is?". Some also renew their promise on wanting to learn how to read and write. We pray progress will be made with them, as our main goal is to make known Christ and Him alone.

Please pray with us, so that Christ will be glorified in all these lives and that His light will shine upon them and will bring them to saving faith!

in Christ,
Andrei and Ana Vasile ECM Team in Romania

Ah, Dino Park! What a treat for the Bible club kids from Comarnic, Câmpina and Sat Miner. The outing had it all: Adventure, bits of history and lots of fun. After visiting the old medieval fort of Râșnov, everybody headed to Dino Park, just a bit down the road. It's sharing times like these that the kids get to experience Christian fellowship, as odd as it may be for some. Most of them come from orthodox backgrounds, parents with a low income and places that are not as keen on seeking and making God the Center of it all, to say the least.
We were happy to be sharing this time with them, remeembering God's creation and His plan for humanity! Please remember Bible club kids in your prayers. Some are starting highschool- Diana- and that's a time of change in their life, where self oriented media takes over. Some are getting ready for highschool and that's an intense learning time- Delia, Gabi, Denisa-. Others, like Izabela, experience a very taugh time at Home. Each and everyone of them is precious in God's eyes.
Pray we have heavenly wisdom so we might share it.
The seeds are planted. Now, we are waiting for Our Lord to work.
In His Name and for His honor,
Andrei and Ana Vasile

“Now, therefore, Israel, what does the Lord, your God, ask of you but to fear the Lord, your God, to follow in all His ways, to love and serve the Lord, your God, with your whole heart and with your whole being…” (Deuteronomy 10:12)

There could be many things to write on thoughts. But there’s no point to that. After all, God’s glory is important in the ministry, in any ministry.
To sum it all, we’ve passed from hope to lack of hope, from joy to sadness and then joy again, frustration, lots of work with no visible result and the list may go on.

But praises be to our Father, He does not act on emotions, although He is the creator of feelings as well. On the contrary, He works against all odds.
This year we’ve learned that God never leave or forsakes His ministry. The people are the ones that stop believing, stop asking for things according to His will, stop waiting on Him. We’ve learned, time and again, that God looks at the heart not at the outward appearance; we’ve learned that if we don’t give in the control over things to God, to the smallest detail, it will, inevitably, go out of our control.
God is everything and He has to be our everything!

Seventeen children and ten grownups enjoyed the Christmas celebration in Comarnic, with English Christmas carols and poems. At the end each child got a present and each grown up got a devotional calendar for the next year.
And then the kids in Campina enjoyed their bit of Christmas celebration, singing and reciting and just being there with the church.

Praise God for that! We’re grateful to God for His faithfulness and we’re grateful to you for your continual prayer and support. There is power in His servants’ fervent prayer!

This is our resolution for the year 2015: fear the Lord, follow in all His ways, love and serve God with our whole heart and our whole being. This is the message we want to pass along to the kids we meet with. In His abundant love and grace.

 For the ECM team,
Andrei and Ana Vasile

God blessed about 135 places on Valea Prahovei the outreach week 14-18 july 2014. After an intense training with AMEC missionaries, lots of prayer and fasting, people from local churches were ready to evangelize. We were assigned areas from Campina, Sat Miner and Comarnic. The team (Andrei, Ana, Cristina, Larisa, Bogdan, Eliza, Alin)served faithfully in these 3 places.
Our purpose was to make known not just the Gospel, but its complete message to the kids and parents that attend to the meetings. This was done daily as we had a well structured schedule: we had games, songs with actions, images, and a well prepared Bible story.

We had kids that knew part of the stories and some who had no clue. Our stories were about the miraculous birth of our Lord Jesus Christ, His life, His sufferings and crucifixion and His resurrection. All the games, activities and songs were pointing to the Biblical truth. In Campina we started small, with 3 kids in the first day but increasing daily up to 10. Praise God! In Sat Miner (Miner Village), up to 30 kids everyday. Praise God! In Comarnic, up to 9 kids everyday. Praise God!

But brothers and sisters, what are numbers in the sight of God? Nothing. We are serving a Great Great God who loves individually and behaves justly individually.
He is Mighty to save!

In Campina, Sat Miner and Comarnic are now starting Bible groups weekly with the kids from the outreach. Pray they will be truly saved! Pray we are a good testimony for them!
 For the ECM team, Andrei and Ana

"Not to us, Lord, not to us but to Your Name be the glory, because of Your love and faithfulness." Psalm 115:1
We praise God because in December we prayed over changing our approach to the people in Comarnic. And thus came to life the Kid’s Club, a place where kids can learn for free English and Spanish play together and do crafts.

We are excited to meet every two weeks, for now, with kids who want to make a better use of their time, on Sunday morning, at 10 am. The young people in Campina help. It’s a beautiful fellowship. God reminds us though that behind our excitement there’s a very fierce spiritual battle, for every soul, for every man. The enemy roars like a lion, the apostle Peter tells us. In deed he does. Last time we met the 11 kids 2 weeks ago. Now, 11 is a lot for Comarnic, a mountainous little town with people that don’t want anything to do with repented ones, with people of “other religion”. Yesterday morning we had fewer kids. And now we know why. It seems that the priest in the neighborhood found out about our kids club and he simply forbid them to come to any of our meetings.

No matter how ridiculous may seem the priest’ threats and interdictions, we must realize that in the orthodox countries – such as Romania, Greece, Russia – and especially in small places like Comarnic, the word of a priest weighs a lot and his influence is very high. May our God still the waters in this place!

We are not discouraged. We don’t want to be discouraged. In a very strange way, we are happy. The Gospel does disturb and leads to persecution. We are living the Matthew 5 verse; we are blessed to suffer for Christ’ Name.
Will you pray with us that the Lord would establish His Word in Comarnic? May His light shine in the dark corners of Comarnic’s heart!
“He will bless those who fear the Lord - small and great alike.” Psalm 115:13

For the ECM team,
Andrei, Ana and Rebeca Vasile

Comarnic is a town located in the Carpathian mountains. Besides the main street and a few others, any other road seems an adventure to take. They are hard to get to. It’s the same with the people. Easy to talk to and to get to at first, agreeing with anything you might tell them or give them, and short after getting back to their old ways from which they don’t want to come out. This is what the Best News in their lives does to people. Some can’t wait to hear it and some just run and hide from the Truth that reveals their lives. The Outreach we had in the middle of July brought to church more people that we’ve expected. But at the follow-up visits they soon became too busy or too distracted to pay attention to anything even remotely related to God.

In most cases, it’s very convenient to call yourself an orthodox: you’re not faced with the Bible – not many have read it or are advised to read it – you’re not supposed to go to church that often – you’d be a fanatic – and as long as you keep the "holy tradition" of the church you’re fine.

We are visiting now a granny who cares for 4 children – both kids’ parents died. Each time we would open our mouth to read God’s word, she would interrupt and say something bad about the late daughter in law or about something that broke in the house. We’re persistent, but not pushy.

And most people we meet in Comarnic are like that.
As we said before, we’re not giving up on Comarnic.
Pray with us!

“Seeing the people, He felt compassion for them, because they were distressed and dispirited like sheep without a shepherd. Then He said to His disciples, “The harvest is plentiful, but the workers are few. Therefore beseech the Lord of the harvest to send out workers into His harvest.” (Matthew 9:36-38)
Andrei and Ana Vasile

God is good!
The Lord is gracious to us and gives us opportunities to serve, even in barren land such as Comarnic. It’s a little town up north, in the mountains, where people don’t want to know about God so much, not from Baptists anyway. We prayed for years that the church build there would be filled with believers and that Comarnic would suffer a tremendous revival.

To begin speaking about God we have to live God’s words. Be there for people who suffer and struggle. Having some addresses of poor people from the town hall, we were off to a poor and needy family in Comarnic last Thursday, a widower with 4 kids. They were grateful for the cloths and school supplies and for the good word.
Please pray for Filipescu family!

On Sunday a small team went to church and prayed together for a revival in Comarnic.
Great victories come when we’re on our knees.

This coming Thursday we’re praying we can visit another widow, a 31 year old mother of 2, called Alina who has just suffered a mastectomy.

In the spring we’re praying to organize a small afterschool at the church and teach English.
Please pray for Comarnic! We do not want to give up on this place, just because people are not receptive to the Gospel!

Trusting in God’s timely kindness,
Andrei Vasile

Last week we visited another poor family in Comarnic. The parents and five children live in a one room shack.
The place looks really bad but it’s the place where Radea family eats, sleeps, washes.
The father knows the Bible from his own mother, a Pentecostal woman. But the bad thing is he uses the Word against his wife, laughing at her that she doesn’t fulfill anything written there. The wife is a woman who has her own issues. She curses herself, a lot. She says she can’t help it and if we can help her somehow that would be good for her. Because she thinks she suffers because of it. And yes, she curses the kids as well; this is also part of the family picture. Together they have a typical attitude: she thinks she cannot change, and he thinks he’s too good to be changed.

We went there to help preaching the Gospel.
Pray that the power of Christ finds these people ready to be saved.

For God’s glory,
Ana and Andrei Vasile


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