ECM’s mission trip this time was to Caransebes, in western part of Romania. Keeping in contact with our friends and encouraging their faith is one of the main reasons we are taking this trips. The Lord is near!

Here are a couple of testimonies:
"The mission trip to Caransebes meant a lot to me, it encouraged my faith. I realized that God works through each of us, individually. I feel proud to be God’s child and to be able to go to mission trips. People in Caransebes were very generous to us all and I am looking forward to come back someday."
Adnana Elena Onila

"This was my 3rd visit to Caransebes and I enjoyed seeing again brothers and sisters that are dear to me. One thing in particular made this trip special for me: a gypsy woman, Lenutza, who lives right across the church building. We had the chance to talk to her about Christ. I noticed her each time we were coming to church: Friday evening for youth group, Saturday at prayer time and Sunday for the service. She was there in front of her house watching people go by.
On Sunday we stopped and talked to her. As we were sharing about God she shared her own personal struggles. As a gypsy she has a tough life trying to integrate into the village’s life. Not being successful makes her feel like a failure and it pains her. She told us that she has been to the Baptist church but she stopped going because she feels she’s too much of a sinner. But Christ can cover her sins, and now she knows.
We prayed for her and told her that we’ll be praying continually.

Please pray she will have Christ in her life as Lord and Savior!"
Luiza Ghetu

This past weekend March 17-19, we were invited to teach and preach in a church in Turnu Ruieni, which is about 7 hours west of Bucharest. Our time there was a wonderful experience.Great people with a eagerness to learn God’s word. We met with the youth on Friday evening and then a prayer gathering Saturday evening.On Sunday morning we met in the first of 4 churches. Meetings lasted until well into the evening. 

Our Lord’s hand of favor was with us for sure. Now the church plans on gathering youth from churches in the area, possibily up to 300 for a July 25th youth conference. Once again our Lord has many young believers in this country and I am convinced they are ripe to help in a big revival in Europe.

Please continue to pray for this and help when you can.

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Thank you
Dwight Stone


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