Discipleship is the one word that has a huge value for our Lord Jesus Christ. After all it’s part of what He has commanded us to do…to make disciples…

Discipleship. That was the theme for the Campina seminar directed to young people and less young people :). The American group together with one Canadian young man did a great job explaining in a practical way what discipleship really is.

Here are some testimonies:
” I was struck with the heart that was in many of the believers present. They want to reach the whole world for Christ, discipling one person at a time. As followers of God, we must die to self and live in Christ. By Christ we go forth in our faith, growing and also sharing with others. I hope i can bring this spirit back to my home ad reach many there by the work of the Holy Spirit, the life-changing power of Christ Jesus, my Lord and with the Authority that God gives to His own.” Josh, 19 years old, Vancouver, Canada

” I had a very blessed time with everyone there. I learned some things that i think now are important, where as i didn’t think they were important so far.” Ana, 14 years old, Bucuresti, Romania

”We had a very good time together, learning useful things and new things. I wish we could have more often these kind of meetings.” Bogdan Neagu, 18 years old, Campina, Romania

” It was great that we were reminded that we need to invest in people, to be disciples and to make disciples, not just being consumers but to fulfill the Scripture and put it to practice that way.” Anca Nistoroiu, 25 years old, Filipestii de Padure, Romania


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