The sock storyline continues…
I wanted to write just a little bit on the “making socks for Budesti” story. The older sisters in Campina are very happy they can be of help. One of them was a bit unsure weather to help or not at first, but now she suggests she would make some hats as well.

On Sunday evening, November 13, one of the sisters who would not participate in this, came to me and handed me a pair of socks she bought. “For the kids”, she said.
And I know, it may not sound like there’s anything special about that. But bear with me, there’s more about sister Anuta. She is married, does not work due to mental problems, she has a husband that does not treat her right and she has two extraordinary kids: one in college and one in highschool. More than that, they live in very bad conditions and are about to be thrown out from the flat they rent, due to delays in payment.
Someone like that and her kind gesture remind me of the old widow at the Temple who put in her last money – giving her everything to the Lord. The whole thing left me speachless!

God works powerfully in people we would not expect.
Sister Anuta obeys the Lord.
And He sees, hears, watches and rewards!

By faith,
Ana Vasile


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