We were welcomed by many of the kids there as soon as we arrived. They were all lined up, sitting on the grass, very anxious for us to get started. The kids were waiting for us since the morning although they knew we were only going to arrive there at 2 pm. Some of the kids didn’t want to go to the big city with their parents because the “repented” were coming. All together, they were around 50 children.
I invited the women who were standing there with their children and grandchildren, to join me and Tantza inside her home, for a little bit of a chat, from the Bible! Teman and I read a passage where it talked about the Good Shepherd. And then the questions and discussions followed.
One of the women was saying: “What should I do? I like what I am hearing now and I want to live as Christ says, but I am smoking and when I get upset I speak dirty; I can’t help it!” . Many of them said the same thing.
I told them that it depends on the morning “food” we eat each day. The Bible is the strength to live purely and the know-how of God’s will.
“Wake up early in the morning, everyday – I said – before everyone else is up, just to have a quiet time with God. Ask God to help you understand what you are reading and continue to do this. Because the Bible is the Living and True Word, it will work on your heart and mind and it will eventually transform you.”
We talked about idols as well as we read from Isaiah 44, and they understood why our God is also a jealous God, He gave us everything and He will not tolerate our hearts being divided and worshipping wood, stones or anything else created.

Two of the women, Maria and Ana, wanted to come to faith in our Lord Jesus Christ and we prayed for them; they will also need a lot of encouragement and help on how to grow in their knowledge of the truth.

Florina, another young mother, was wiping her eyes; the tears kept on coming. I asked her what was wrong and how may I pray for her and she was so sad because her huspand did not treat her right at all. I encouraged her to pray, because the Lord does not turn back on any man or woman who calls upon Him. She had peace when she left, I pray for her to have the eternal peace.

Medically, I could help with Tanta’s mother and Tanta and discovered they have a very high blood pressure. I adviced them on what to do and they payed attention.

God is working in Budesti!
May His Name be glorified in our hearts and lives!
Sandina Ioncea


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