We want to share with you the joy of celebrating June 1st, International Children's Day, at the church in Budesti.
Over 50 children from all of our mission points gathered (some parents even came) and for the next 6 hours we thought them from the book of Daniel, sang together, did crafts and also played many games. This wonderful day will for sure be in their minds and hearts for many months to come.
Glory to God for this wonderful day!

Luiza Ghetu
ECM Team-Romania

Ps. Please pray for us because the children's camp is coming soon and we need the Lord's help and wisdom in every detail!


Dear friends and coworkers in the Gospel of God,
Last Sunday, we celebrated Thanksgiving at the church in Budesti and brought together children and grownups from all of our mission points.

It was a wonderful time of joy and fellowship, and many praises were lifted up to our Heavenly Father! There were songs, poetry, Bible verses and the time was ended with a Bible Quiz where the prizes were fruits and vegetables. Everybody was so excited to be part.
The Lord blessed us with a great time in His presence and in the unity of His Spirit!

May He bring salvation on all these people!
The ECM Team - Romania 

Dear friends in the Lord,
Saturday, October 15th, the ECM Staff invited all the kids that attended our Summer Camp to the church place in Budesti, for a special day together. (We had the kids from Sector 4 of Bucharest, the kids from the town of Curcani and of course, the kids from Budesti.)

The children were very happy to see each other again and their friendships became even stronger!
We prayed, we sang worship songs then we went over all the things we learned at camp, all the verses. We watched a beautiful clip from the Camp, with pictures and activities we had and finished off the time by playing games together and of course, PIZZA!

We left the meeting with the prayer that our good Lord will bless us all and enable us to have another Camp for the next year. May the Lord bless all these children and teens with eternal life in His Presence!

Amin! Aleluia!
Luiza Ghetu
The ECM Team - Romania

Dear friends
Here are few pictures of yesterday's fellowship time in Budesti, one of ECM's mission points.
Every time we cook and serve lunch for them, there is a short sermon and worship time that we have together. The children also enjoy their own Bible Teaching Time. At the end, lunch is served and everybody joins.
May God be glorified for this open door! May many hearts be touched for eternity!

In Christ,
Dwight Stone
European Christian Mission NA
Bucharest, Romania

Dear friends and coworkers in the Gospel!
Our Lord tells us we should go out and invite those who can not pay us back (Luke 14:12-14).
We have been preaching God's gospel in the town of Budesti for over 5 years now and are now showing them some grace, as our Lord has shown us!
Keep praying and investing, please!
Our Lord is hearing us!

Dwight Stone
ECM - Romania

Dear partners in the work of the Lord,
Today was a wonderful day of just being with and serving the people in Budesti.
It's a warm meal that speaks about God's love for them!

May our Lord save their souls!
Doinita Popa ECM - Romania

Dear partners in the work of our God,
We want to share with you several pictures from Budesti. This week, together with a team from USA, we did two days of ministry in Budesti and two days in Curcani.

We worshiped the Lord together through singing, praying and Bible preaching. Afterwords, everybody stayed and we had lunch together. The wonderful part was that we had few local gypsy ladies helping alongside our team, in the kitchen and with serving!

May our Lord have mercy on all of these people!

Dani Popa
ECM Team - Romania

Dear friends,

In all of our mission points, we found that kids tend to be more attentive if we use a reward system.
And by reward, we mean some big trip at the end of the school year, for all the best behaved ones.
We used charts, stickers and small prizes along the way and, as the big day got nearer, we knew who would go.

This year, the kids from Budesti went to the zoo and then to McDonald's.
For some of them, it was their first!

At the end of August, we plan to have a camp where we will take few best behaved kids from each ministry location. Please pray for the time the kids will have at the camp and that they come back home with a deeper knowledge of our Lord!

The ECM Team


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