Dear friends,

This is an encouraging email about the work that ECM’s partners in the ministry, our brothers from Valencia, Spain, did two weeks ago.

They wanted to do a “Say No to Drugs” Campaign, in the prison of Picassent, near Valencia (one of the biggest prisons in Spain). The main purpose of this Campaign was to take the Gospel to the inmates. To make this event even stronger, they invited two Christian Soccer Players from the First Spanish League, Levante Football Club. (One of these two players was Keylor Navas, who was declared the best goalkeeper in the Spanish League!)

The Gospel was preached powerfully and it was a great blessing to see that the people in prison were hungry for the Word of God!

Please continue to pray for the ministry in the jail of Picassent!

For the ECM team,
Bebe Heimerl - Pastor of Harvest Time Community, Torrent, Spain

PS. First picture: Pastor Bebe & his son (middle) and the soccer players on the sides (goalkeeper on the right side)
Second picture is the article in the newspaper, where Keylor Navas has an interview and the headline is:

“For me, each game is for the glory of GOD!”


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