Dear friends,

This is an encouraging email about the work that ECM’s partners in the ministry, our brothers from Valencia, Spain, did two weeks ago.

They wanted to do a “Say No to Drugs” Campaign, in the prison of Picassent, near Valencia (one of the biggest prisons in Spain). The main purpose of this Campaign was to take the Gospel to the inmates. To make this event even stronger, they invited two Christian Soccer Players from the First Spanish League, Levante Football Club. (One of these two players was Keylor Navas, who was declared the best goalkeeper in the Spanish League!)

The Gospel was preached powerfully and it was a great blessing to see that the people in prison were hungry for the Word of God!

Please continue to pray for the ministry in the jail of Picassent!

For the ECM team,
Bebe Heimerl - Pastor of Harvest Time Community, Torrent, Spain

PS. First picture: Pastor Bebe & his son (middle) and the soccer players on the sides (goalkeeper on the right side)
Second picture is the article in the newspaper, where Keylor Navas has an interview and the headline is:

“For me, each game is for the glory of GOD!”

Dear brothers and sisters in our Lord’s work,

We want to bring to your attention a project of our Spanish brothers from Torrent-Spain:The Evangelic Footbal Club-Torrent, Spain (*The President of the football club is the Romanian pastor of the Spanish/Romanian Church “Comunidad Tiempo de Cosecha”, Torrent, Spain, brother Bebe Heimerl).

The project includes 180 to 200 children and teenagers, and over 15 coaches.

The unique aspect of this Football Club is that they welcome children of different nationalities, different religions and from families that have drugs or alcohol addictions and are very poor.Kids see this as a big opportunity for their life so they come, learn to play football, participate in all the championships there are, BUT they pray before every game and have regular Bible Study Times.

The main purpose of this project is that as many children as possible, and their parents, are being introduced to Jesus and then, discipled to maturity in faith.

Please keep them in your prayers, as they try to make a difference in their Jerusalem!

In His love,
Doinita Popa - European Christian Mission NA – Romania



What an amazing testimony for the Spanish team?!?
It was a great week we had with them, going to various places such as Hulubesti, Budesti, Chitila, Sector 4 and Campina. Here is a summary of the wonderful things we attended, translated and rolled up our sleeves to be at service. All for the glory of God!

Hulubesti – Emilio’s testimony; the Bible story with Jane, The puppet show with the girls.
Budesti – going on the various streets of Budesti and chatting with adults and children had a good impact. People came to Budesti Christian Centre on Saturday and two of the ladies who attend the meetings are being great witnesses for God’s Kingdom
Chitila – ministering to adults and kids about the Kingdom of God. People there are very opened to the Gospel.
Sector 4 – the kids had a great time learning a song in Spanish, meeting the girls who had a special program prepared for them and learning more about the Lord.
Campina – this was the last meeting the Spanish team had with a few pastors here. Prayer requests were shared, as well as testimonies and God’s faithful Word.
After all the time spend with the Spaniards, we felt we were actually only one team, blessed with a fellowship and with the honor of serving our Lord of Hosts, our Redeemer and Savior who won the victory on Calvary, for us.

And this is why in times of trials and distress, we have to remember what the Lord declares in His Word:
"Como Me voy a olvidarme de ti? Estas clavado en mis manos!" (Spanish version) – "How could I forget about you? You are written in the palm of my hand!"

For the ECM team,
Ana Vasile

If you’re having Valencia on your agenda for March, think again.
It means Fallas! Everything that cracks, snaps or just makes a noise is fired up daily, for the whole month, from morning till evening.
Don’t worry, it’s all legal. From bringing offerings to Mary, parades and setting “Mascletas” – big dolls – on fire to street corners to a delightful fireworks sight in the middle of the night to put an end with the noise.

Torrent is just one place we visit time and time again. And it’s a town we’re supporting in prayer. You know, prayer may be silent compared to firecrackers. But it sure can have a stronger effect than some noisy little things.
Perelló, Monserat, Montroy are only a few of the villages around Valencia who have a significant number of Romanian population. The believers, who are too far from a church, meet in houses. To pray. To fellowship. To hear God’s Word. To look for guidance. To be together. To pour out their hearts.

This is our ministry. To encourage people to love and good deeds. It does not mean we’re off to these places just to tell people “Be brave”, and “you need this or that” although sometimes that’s all they need to hear. It means we’re off to let them know, once more, that God is near, He does not leave us, and He does not forsake us. He is near and He is working in His children, with His children.

From small group meetings to prayer evenings, from women’s meeting to social cases meeting, from church meetings to fellowship, we were there with a message. Revival! Dwight, Dani and I (Ana) together with Alex Vlasin, a representative for the Romanian Baptist Community, took part to an evangelistic campaign and Bible study evenings, for twelve days (10th-22nd of March). We were blessed to learn more about the people and to pray with some of them, to share a meal or to lodge with them.

Conclusion? There’s need of a revival! The dictionary calls revival “a restoration to use, acceptance, activity, or vigor after a period of obscurity, a time of reawakened interest”.
May we consider taking God’s Word seriously and set our priorities straight.

Revive us Lord Jesus, we ask you!
For the ECM team,
Ana Vasile

Hello everyone, we're in Spain at the minute, in the small town of Torrent, one of Valencia´s suburb. We've been coming here for a number of years, working with the Romanian and Spanish Baptist Church.
We arrived yesterday and we've established a program for the next days. There's church tonight, a time to prepare for the outreach tomorrow. Than Tomorrow evening we have a church outreach program.

Please pray! It's only by God's grace that souls are touched and saved. The Romanians here are under a lot of stress. We might say the same thing about the Spanish people. The unemployment is 20% and is going up.
But more than an economical crisis, there's a spiritual crisis which can only be solved through and with Christ!
Pray for God' hand of favor upon us and for God's pouring grace over the people we will interract with.
For it is by grace you have been saved, through faith—and this is not from yourselves, it is the gift of God— not by works, so that no one can boast. For we are God’s handiwork, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do.

For the ECM team in Spain,
Ana Popa

“A revival is nothing else than a new beginning of obedience to God.”
“A small team from Romania returned from Spain, where we visited 4 cities with the purpose to strengthen and encourage the brethren. Acts 14:21,22).

We were the ones greatly encouraged realizing that our Lord has raised up two ministry teams in Spain now who are going out to do the same. Each trip we meet more and more young Romanian believers who are eager for the challenge to witness and make disciples. We are asking our Lord for 15% of all of Europe to be saved. Our Romanian brothers must stir up the Spanish brothers, and this is being worked on. All praise to our Lord who enables us to do this work. (Dwight Stone)

“We’ve been encouraged to witness how the Romanian brothers in Spain were seeking for ways to visit and build up the Romanian believing groups scattered throughout Spain.

We’ve met brothers and sisters filled with zeal for the Lord, people that met the Savior in this foreign country. We praised God for changing their hearts. Now, their main preoccupation is spiritual harvest.
Personally, I’ve been challenged to treasure better the usage of my time. It’s been a good example for me to see how full hearted and ready for ministry these people were after a 10 hours a day work.
May the Lord be praised for His care for our brothers!
(Cristi Neagu)


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