"EXO EXO" That would be “Get out, get out!” in Greek, the message our mission team heard a lot whilst spreading Bibles in the south of Greece.
“Now an angel of the Lord said to Philip, “Go south to the road—the desert road—that goes down from Jerusalem to Gaza.” (Acts 8:26)

God is the One who goes before and opens doors and paths! It does not mean that we will never hear intimidating thunders, shouting and people being against us. God promise for us is that He is with us in every trial!
To give a meaning and open eyes and minds in what the Word of God is saying reminds us of Philip and his experience with the Ethiopian.
The sword of the Spirit was part of our Romanian team’s armor. Andi, Dani, and Timi from Campina together with Adi and Cristi from Bucharest traveled more then 20 hrs to join the Hellenic Ministries project: spread, literally, Bibles to every house in the province of Kalamata, south of Greece.

This is why they formed teams with the people who wanted to help: Greeks, Romanians, Americans and others. On a very hot weather they drive to the places they were assigned to and walk to every house and apartment building and leave at the gate or at the door bags with Jesus Loves U with Bibles in them.

Greece is a place where the orthodoxy it’s at its best! The Bibles everyone spread had the stamp of the Orthodox Eparchy so that everyone who receives them doesn’t find a stumbling block in that as well. The priests in the villages and towns the teams went to were on alert! Some were following the missionaries by car; some shouted things at them and some called the police.
Bad or good news, it’s always going to be news. This is how sharing Bibles went even in the local newspapers.
Free publicity thought the believers gathered in the tent campus in Kalamata, a place where they met in the evening to be filled spiritually and a place they were leaving from every early morning.

One thing is certain: the Word of God will accomplish God’s work, always!

All praises be to our Father!
Ana Popa


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