Dear friends,
This is a quick update on the camp we had in the mountains of Romania, where we invited the best behaved children and teens from all of our mission points. Here it is:

"Before the camp, we prayed to the Lord that He would honor us with His presence there and have a special blessing for each child and person attending. In the Bible Study Time we talked about Pride vs. Humbleness, Ungratefulness vs. Thankfulness and Discouragement vs. Hope. The children filled their hearts with the Word of God by memorizing all the Bible verses studied. They now know that if you are a child of God, He does more exceedingly than we can ask or think and YES, He is faithful to His promises!
We want to praise God for the nine children that decided to follow the Lord Jesus Christ at the camp! The echo of this camp and everything they learned will go beyond this week. It’s going to follow them at their homes, with their friends and at their schools.
Please pray for them and for us, that we will be wise in coming alongside them and helping them on the way to spiritual maturity.
In Christ,
Dragos Hogas"


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