I want to encourage you today with a small update, that will highlight the faithfulness of our Mighty God.
We promised to reward the best behaved Gypsy Children from all of our mission points with a day in the biggest park of Bucharest plus a McDonald's Happy Meal! We planned this ahead of time and decided to take them on Saturday-due to great weather.
It was a wonderful time of play and laughter! The happiness on their faces can not be put into words, but we do hope the pictures will help with that! The Lord answered prayers in a way He alone can answer! All glory be to Him!

In Christ
Luiza Ghetu
ECM NA Team-Romania

Dear friends,
This is a quick update on the camp we had in the mountains of Romania, where we invited the best behaved children and teens from all of our mission points. Here it is:

"Before the camp, we prayed to the Lord that He would honor us with His presence there and have a special blessing for each child and person attending. In the Bible Study Time we talked about Pride vs. Humbleness, Ungratefulness vs. Thankfulness and Discouragement vs. Hope. The children filled their hearts with the Word of God by memorizing all the Bible verses studied. They now know that if you are a child of God, He does more exceedingly than we can ask or think and YES, He is faithful to His promises!
We want to praise God for the nine children that decided to follow the Lord Jesus Christ at the camp! The echo of this camp and everything they learned will go beyond this week. It’s going to follow them at their homes, with their friends and at their schools.
Please pray for them and for us, that we will be wise in coming alongside them and helping them on the way to spiritual maturity.
In Christ,
Dragos Hogas"

Dear friends,

This Sunday, we had the joy of a Baptism at Philadelphia Baptist Church, Bucharest!
The wonderful part is that two of the ladies are from Budesti (second and third in the picture, from left to right)!
Their names are Sidonia and Elena! We want to praise God for their wonderful, powerful testimony!

The ECM Team, Buharest, Romania

Upon returning from my latest mission trip to Greece I come back with a deep conviction our Lord is on the move there. In the church in Larissa, pastored by George Yphantidis, I see excitement among the church members. There is an interest in the work we do here in the medical field. We have 3 nurses on staff visiting any who need but especially the very old shut-ins. Many who never read the Bible are now listening and learning about our Lord through the work of our nurses. There are young medical students in Larissa interested in the possibility of starting such a work there.

This is true of another church in another city, Katerini, where I preached in the evening. Young believers, seeking ways to spread God’s gospel. One interesting note. In Larissa a young man from a Muslim country sat next to me during Sunday service. His father a Muslim preacher back in his home country. [Country and names excluded for his safety] The young man of maybe 24 years had scares on his face. I found out later that fellow county-man of his nation have beaten him to near death. Only the police arrival has kept him alive. He is under constant threat. But thanks to grace of God, and faithfulness of Pastor George and the church as a whole he is growing and praising our Lord.

Please pray for a strong revival in Greece. Include Romania please.
Thank you all who are partners in prayer and finances for being co-workers in this work.
Dwight Stone

"EXO EXO" That would be “Get out, get out!” in Greek, the message our mission team heard a lot whilst spreading Bibles in the south of Greece.
“Now an angel of the Lord said to Philip, “Go south to the road—the desert road—that goes down from Jerusalem to Gaza.” (Acts 8:26)

God is the One who goes before and opens doors and paths! It does not mean that we will never hear intimidating thunders, shouting and people being against us. God promise for us is that He is with us in every trial!
To give a meaning and open eyes and minds in what the Word of God is saying reminds us of Philip and his experience with the Ethiopian.
The sword of the Spirit was part of our Romanian team’s armor. Andi, Dani, and Timi from Campina together with Adi and Cristi from Bucharest traveled more then 20 hrs to join the Hellenic Ministries project: spread, literally, Bibles to every house in the province of Kalamata, south of Greece.

This is why they formed teams with the people who wanted to help: Greeks, Romanians, Americans and others. On a very hot weather they drive to the places they were assigned to and walk to every house and apartment building and leave at the gate or at the door bags with Jesus Loves U with Bibles in them.

Greece is a place where the orthodoxy it’s at its best! The Bibles everyone spread had the stamp of the Orthodox Eparchy so that everyone who receives them doesn’t find a stumbling block in that as well. The priests in the villages and towns the teams went to were on alert! Some were following the missionaries by car; some shouted things at them and some called the police.
Bad or good news, it’s always going to be news. This is how sharing Bibles went even in the local newspapers.
Free publicity thought the believers gathered in the tent campus in Kalamata, a place where they met in the evening to be filled spiritually and a place they were leaving from every early morning.

One thing is certain: the Word of God will accomplish God’s work, always!

All praises be to our Father!
Ana Popa

04 - 09.06.2009 - Larissa Greece
05.06.2009 – Friday evening – downtown evangelism
06 – 08.06.09 - evangelism amongst the gypsy children

On Friday evening the four of us who visited Greece went downtown Larissa together with pastor George Yphantides, from the Greek Church. We had New Testaments with us and we offered them for free to all who were interested.
Together with us came brothers and sisters from the church, so we had bookstands and the people who wanted books were also getting info. Some people came and asked questions, others just took a leaflet and left. On Saturday evening we went to a gypsy Vlahos family together with our brother Goga. Many kids came and joined and we taught them a few songs, Bible verses and Bible story, and then we played some games with the children.
On Sunday evening we visited another gypsy family where adults and about 30 children came. So we sang with them and talked about biblical truth.
Around 20 children came on Monday after noon to another family we visited as we sang, taught from the Bible and played. For the evening we had a meeting with the grown-ups and we talked about our Lord.

Praise God for all His works!
Lidia Panait

To all our faithful, praying friends, a few thoughts on our ECM – Romanian team mission trip this week.

Two thousand years ago God decided to send the His Gospel to Greece, *Acts 16* knowing it would spread throughout Europe. Our Father in Heaven also knew that 1500 years later the great Reformation would take place in Europe at the same time with the great exploration of all the world by Europeans.
These groups counted men and women who knew God’s word. So seeds of God’s word was spread throughout the world. Today the gospel is bearing great fruit in all the continents but one: Europe. It is time for that to change.
This is why we go to visit and to encourage and to build up brethren wherever our Lord opens up a door of opportunity. See Hebrews 10:24,25.

God is serious about encouraging His people, and verse 25 says all the more as you see the day drawing near. We are very thankful the brethren in Larissa and Katerini, Greece are stirred up by our Lord to bring about a great harvest of souls in their great country.

Will you bow before our Father and ask Him to help them in this vital work? Let us see a great finish in Europe for our Lord Jesus Christ name sake.

Thank you all for your helps that enable us to go to encourage our Lord’s people.
Dwight Stone

Greece trip is going well so far, praise God. They all arrived safely to Larissa. That is the team by car – Vali, Cristi, Sandina, Ana, Sami, Adina and also Dwight, by plane. George and Despina are some of the most welcoming people, ever. In the evening they all attended the church there where George spoke about being filled with the Holy Spirit.
The next day, they all went in the morning to visit our Vlahos brothers and sisters in the village nearby and to speak about our Lord to the other villagers.
For the afternoon they had two teams: one going in the city park to spread around Bibles and one other went back to the Vlahos village to preach the Word with Goga, a Vlahos brother.
Then on Sunday they went in the morning to the Larissa church and for the evening to the Katerini church, to introduce the ministry there to about 70 people.

Pray God gives them grace for the next days of the trip!


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