Serbia 27th – 29th July 2008
“Once I’ve met Branko and his family, I realized that they are special people and that God is using them in His ministry. But they also need our prayers, our help and all the love we can give to them. The thought that I ought to be more aware to other people’s needs was impressed more upon me and I really wish that I could be good help to people from Serbia and all the places we go and that the Lord will accomplish His ministry through me and through us as well.” Andra (Craiova)

October 1st – 4th 2008
"Every time I go to Serbia I am reminded of how hard the ground (hearts) can be and how difficult the sowing of seeds with this condition. But our Lord has some very special servants living in Serbia. Branko and Rada Tihojevic and family live in Zajecar, the Eastern part of Serbia. Branko has been planting churches in the Eastern part of Serbia for 31 years now. What a joy to be with such a faithful team of servants. They work in a difficult land, and our Lord will say to people like this well done good and faithful. That is Branko and Rada. Please be faithful in your prayers for Branko and Rada and team. Thank you for joining the work there through our prayers." Dwight

"This was my first missionary trip since 1993; I never thought that I could be of any help but God pointed out what we came to do in Serbia. We sang a lot, we had great fellowship, we could help a bit Branko with the work on his campsite and I am very thankful to God for this." Emi Iacob, Bucharest


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