I praise God for a very encouraging mission trip to Serbia. One more time, our Lord’s Name was honored as we could see His faithfulness at work.
At Camp Timok, near Zajecar, Branko Tihojevic and his family hosted a conference for our fellow believers there and for some non believers. Our team of six was very encouraged. We had Dwight Stone with us, together with Vincent Price, Ion Vasile, Andi Nistoroiu, myself and a pastor from Covasna (Romania), Viorel Sintoiu, who was very excited to serve in Serbia and plans to get involved even more.

Unlike other years, this was the first time when there were much more people than before, around fifty. There were people there who even came from Belgrade. And at least four or five had never had anything to do with evangelical Christians. The message on Saturday was beneficial for pastors and for non believers as well.
And then on Sunday morning we went to serve in the church of Negotin, and in the evening in Zajecar. We enjoy bounding again with our friends and co-workers in the ministry of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Their biggest need right now is their own building in Zajecar. Please pray that the authorities will not hinder this at all. And may the light of Christ shine over Serbia!

For His glory,
Andrei Vasile
ECM NA-Romania Team

One more time when the Lord has given His blessings upon Serbia and His children in Serbia!

We had a wonderful trip to Zajecar between 18-21 of September. About 20 people joined us on Saturday at the conference entitled “The Church of Christ – Living in Holiness”, and on Sunday, the next day, we split into two groups and went to two different churches, Vrnjascka Banja and Negotin. In the afternoon we all met in Zajecar for a church meeting in Branko’s house and I’m glad to say that there was not enough room in the meeting place.

Thank you for praying with us for Serbia! Their specific need right now is a church building in Zajecar. May the Lord provide in His grace!

For the ECM team,
Andrei Vasile

We had a good worship time in Serbia the 19th until 22nd of September. We arrived from Romania on Friday evening a team of five: Dwight Stone, Vincent Price, Ion Vasile, Andi Nistoroiu and I (Andrei Vasile) and prayed over the next day’s conference at Camp Timok, half an hour from Zajecar.

Saturday morning we started the conference and were happy to meet around 25 Serbian servants of Christ. We had a beautiful fellowship, learning that making disciples has to be intentionally.
On Sunday morning we served Christ in the church of Bor, another town, and in the evening we praised God in Zajecar, at Branko’s house. Pray for Branko as he seeks to rent or buy a house for the church in Zajecar. No one is willing to rent or sell when they find out the purpose of it.
We left this country knowing that God has different ways to build His Kingdom, sometimes out in the open and sometimes with just a few souls. Nevertheless, He is able!

For the ECM team,
Andrei Vasile

One last trip to Serbia this year.
In God’s grace, we had the privilege to visit Serbia once again at the end of November Dwight Stone, Dragos Hogas (a young man who recently moved back to Romania from Turin, Italy, in order to complete his theological studies) and I. We have been as much encouraged as we have been an encouragement to the believers in Bor, in Zajecar and especially to Pastor Branko Tihojevic and his son in law, Novica and their families.

We saw a new lady coming to church in Zajecar but we didn’t see Sasha (I hope this is his name) this time. Branko told us that he was a young man coming to church and because he had no job he decided to get involved with politics. He is now a member of the local city council and he is ashamed to come to church anymore. Pray for him!
We also had the opportunity to make plans for next year and pray with us that we will be given from the Lord the resources to do the 2 or 3 trips that we have planned.

In His grace,
Andrei Vasile

Dear friends, we are sharing this letter for you to see the great need of prayer there is in Serbia!
Please remember this country in prayer and may God have mercy on her!

"Dear brothers and sisters in the Lord Jesus, Greetings in His precious Name to you and your families from the Serbia We want to thank you for your prayers and support for the extension of the Kingdom of God in Serbia and Romania. We are thankful to the Lord for you with the words of Apostle Paul when he wrote to Ephesians 1:15 wherefore I also, after I heard of your faith in the Lord Jesus, and love unto all the saints.
Cease not to give thanks for you, making mention of you in my prayers. We are also thankful to the Lord for your faith in the Lord Jesus and love you have unto all the saints. The love of Jesus is immeasurable because it is expanding around the entire world. It is proved by mutual love and closeness that our Churches have together in the Lord and our Savior Jesus Christ.
Thank you very much for making it possible for your pastor Ion Vasile together with Andrei and Andi to come and teach at Pastor’s Conference at the Camp Timok. All the believers who were present have been very much blessed and encouraged through the teaching about fulfilling the Great Commission in evangelizing the people of Serbia. We have been also blessed with the working team came from your Church in April. Andrei and Andi were teaching at the Young People’s Camp what was great encouragement and blessing for young people.
Thank you for sending the support for the work the team from Campina at the Camp Timok and thank you supporting the Conference.
Our believers from surrounding Churches need the teaching and encouragement. In this Eastern part of Serbia we have very small Churches and not many believers. In this part of Europe the Gospel was never preached because during the Reformation it was under the Ottoman Empire. We trust the Lord Jesus in faith, to open the great door for preaching the Gospel in Balkan countries.
God has been blessed Romania through many years of revival and God’s presence. Praise the Lord! It amazing how many Churches and believers are in Romania? We are praising the Lord because you and your Church can share this blessing with us in Serbia.
Serbia needs lot of prayers. We have been working faithfully for so many years in this Eastern area evangelizing through literature, radio work, Jesus film projection, humanitarian aid… After many years of hard work we are still waiting for God’s Spirit to inspire people to come to Him.
lease receive our Christian love and greetings in the Lord Jesus from the believers in Zajecar, Bor, Negotin and Kladovo.
Pastor Branko Tihojevic and Novica Srbulovic“

There were 4 of us leaving from Romania to Serbia: pastor and director of ECM, Vincent Price, pastor Ion Vasile, pastor Andi Nistoroiu, and myself, Andrei Vasile. Meeting with our faithful brother Branko Tihojevic at Camp Timok was a real blessing.

The conference was held at the Camp site and was on Evangelism and strategy. Just what the country needs. With around 20 people at the conference we must remember that the south of Serbia – where we’ve been – has about 600 evangelical Christians. The ones who still stand in the battle are loved by God and hated – as a denomination – by men. The north of the country, as we were about to find out, full of hatred towards the evangelical Christians, including persecution.

Timok annual youth camp brought together young people from a few cities in Serbia – Belgrade, Nis, Vrnjacka Banja as well as from Romania. The few days spent together were a turning point for those of them who were not sure of their relationship with Christ.

Andrei Vasile (Campina, Romania) and Andi Nistoroiu (Filipestii de Padure) shared with the youngsters the different types of fears we are confronted with and ways to overcome them, through Christ. Fears of rejection, fear of failure, fear of abandonment are some of the struggles the young people were asked to dramatize and talk about them. Their personal testimonies as well as the beautiful worship songs perfumed the skies around Zajecar, the town where prayers are lifted up for Serbia’s revival.
Branko, Rada, Tamara and Novica were excellent hosts, as always. The hospitality, the wonderful food as well as their words of encouragement lifted us up and encouraged many.

All praises go to our Lord Jesus Christ,
For the ECM team
Ana Vasile

Dear friends of the European Christian Mission,
We made it home, by the grace of God, all 15 people who went to Serbia to help with working at the Camp Timok.
And it’s also by the grace of God that we have completed what we purposed to accomplished there. From digging ditches to making concrete boards, we enjoyed our time working.
Each morning before breakfast, we had a fellowship and prayer time to prepare us for the rest of the day. The time difference was of 1 hour so those of us who woke up earlier were up with a shovel in their hands, making better use of their time as they awaited fellowship. Maybe that is why we finished work a day earlier and we came home on the 26th of April. God encouraged through us the churches in Zajecar, Bor and Negotin and some of us had also a little message to share.
A few things were crucial for this mission trip:
- Organizing our time well ever since before leaving to Serbia.
- Many from the team were out in a missionary trip for the first time; so giving others the opportunity to serve was uplifting.
- Some of the people who could not go supported financially and in prayer the staying and the road expenses for people in the team.
- Having our Lord on our side, sky is the limit!

Please continue to pray for Serbia as they prepare for 2 summer camps!
Our plans for the future mission trips to Serbia are in God’s hands! We are excited to serve Him!

In Christ and for His glory,
Andrei Vasile


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