Hulubesti - A lot to learn…
"I don’t want anyone to know my thoughts! They’re mine!” that’s what little Ionut said to me today in Hulubesti when I was telling children how God knows us so well! I then explained how God wants us to have the good thoughts to stick around…He doesn’t like the bad ones to be in there."

As Christmas is getting close I tell them the Christmas story. And sure I try to make one of those very uneven comparisons…and I am telling them. imagine how God become a man…it’s as if you would become a lil bug and all the other bugs wouldn’t want to listen to you … since you were a man. So they crush you… And at that point one lil boy – we mostly have boys there – says … "so Jesus was a bug?"
I was just thinking to myself…Lord, where was I wrong? I really tried to explain things…

The manger we made together from toothpicks and leaves was a very nice time to bring them to work together…in sharing glue or ideas…
I thank God for this day, for the food He provided for the children and for getting us safe back home!
Ana Popa


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