"Fresh inputs from today’s conference Craiova September 27 2008 I’ve been to the conference and it was nice and encouraging and yes, a little tiring. I enjoyed it very much because Dwight referred very much to practical things."
Sorin Carbunaru

"I heard today a very powerful message; God spoke 4to me today and I understood that He has a great plan for me; God wants me to be successful man. This was Dwight’s message today about God’s plan and the world’s plan. What a great ending to it all!"
Bogdan Radut

"I realized today at the conference that I was 4trea4ting some things carelessly, like being late somewhere or taking longer breaks than allowed; but all of this is part of my testimony as a child of Light. We were called to be different… different than the rest of the world…simply different. If we are not faithful in the small things we won’t be faithful in the most important ones that God prepared for us. I wish that at the end I will hear my God saying to me “Well done good and faithful servant!"
Sorin Vieru

"The warmth and the hospitality we are welcomed each time we go to Craiova filled my heart once again; it’s like I didn’t want to leave that place. The small groups were the perfect place to share our experiences and our struggles. We had a great time of fellowship with brothers and sisters from Sibiu, Targu Jiu, Filiasi, Caracal, Bucuresti and Craiova. We encouraged each other and we were happy to know where we’ll going to be when this earth will burn.
Amongst the 170 to 180 guests I really enjoyed seeing again so many friends. Many told me at the end that the conference’s theme (Colossians 3:22-25) helped them greatly. We were challenged to think whether we are really children of light and if our unsaved friends see in us an open Bible, maybe the only one they’ll ever read." 
Luiza Ghetu


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