“In him we have redemption through his blood, the forgiveness of sins” Ephesians 1:7-12

“A good subject, a good conference, and a devoted and passionate about the Lord preacher! May God bless Dwight because we have a great need of people like him! God, thank you because you made him this way!” – these are the words of a young man from Craiova, Bogdan Radut, one of the organizers of the “Our Inheritance” conference.

It was a joyful and searching time for most of the over 200 young people present at this blessed event.

The young people from Craiova did a great job in setting things up together with the Bucharest team. As some of the impressions were the music was just perfect and lead us into a very good time of worship. The word of God from Ephesians ensured us about our future, our inheritance that can never be taken away, stolen, destroyed; it’s an eternal blessing and we will dwell in it! This is a joy that should fill every Christian’s heart! Doesn’t just make you feel rich?

The small groups seemed to be a very useful idea because most of the young people said that:
“I thank God because I had the opportunity to come at this conference. Very impressed, thank God. “
“I learned a lot today. We have to realize that we were made on this earth to be people in which God would be seen.”
“I hope that you’ll make conferences like this one as soon as possible”

We went home with a sense of gratitude towards the One who revealed the mystery of His will to us.

By His grace, Ana Popa


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