Hello dear friends, 

This week, part of our team, together with another mission group, organised a camp for orphans (that we work with every week, at an orphanage in Bucharest).
So, we took 9 kids from the orphanage and 2 teenagers that we worked with in the past, out for camp.
The kids are fantastic, once you gain their trust, and George, our gypsy pastor, was able to do that this week, wonderfully!

We met in "Chapel", where we worshiped the Lord together, prayed and learned truths from the Bible.
It's amazing to serve these kids and realize the need they have for friends and people they can trust!

We had lots of outdoor fun, like paintball, trip to the muddy volcanoes and soap sliding.
Lastly, this camp was an unforgettable experience for all of us!
It is our prayer that we are able to repeat these camps every year.

May the Lord have mercy on these young hearts that suffered so much already!

Adi Ghetu
ECM NA- Romania Team


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