As leader of the ECM Ministry Team in Romania, I, Dwight Stone, intend to write a brief summary of the many wonderful opportunities our Lord Jesus Christ has given us to serve Him.
My intention is to praise our Lord for His grace and love toward us and, at the same time, thank and encourage all of you whom the Lord moved to pray and give financially!
That enables us here to press forward with the Gospel!

“Eight years ago, our Lord opened the door of opportunity to start a church in Bucharest, Romania. There were about 10 of us. With much prayer and reliance on our Lord, Philadelphia Baptist Church has grown and has filled the meeting place, leading to pray about a church plant on the other side of the city. As we grew, we pursued the lost outside our meetings and the Lord opened a new interesting door of ministry. All by the grace of God!”

On our next article, we will talk about how God led us to the next mission point and His road map (Acts 1:8).
To be continued…

Dwight Stone


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