We went back for a second visit to Strejnic where we had a nice quiet mobile clinic, as we like to say. Everyone who came – 40 to 50 people – waited their turn patiently and politely. Most people came to get reading glasses, others for a quick check on their health and quick solution to their financial problem…
They are poor and can’t afford doctor’s visit… and some came to chat…Well, in fact, all wanted to chat. Especially the old people.
We observe people as we meet them.

These people were very opened to what we had to say. Because our Lord prepared their hearts beforehand.
It was interesting to find out that there are some fruits after our first visit in October last year. Some people came to the clinic looking for reading glasses, and they ended up coming to church. Some baptized!
We especially enjoyed Dr. Thomas Kay and his family’s help and also the local help: pastor and people from the church.

Praise the Lord! This is our ministry, this is our prayer: that every soul is touched by the redeeming hand of our Mighty Savior!


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