Dear friends, Oh how I rejoice that our Blessed Lord Jesus Christ moved my home church in Hickory,NC to send me out to be a witness for Him [Acts 1:8], to go make disciples [Matt 28:19,20] and teach all to obey His word.All praise to our Lord Jesus Christ,who is building His church!


He planted Philadelphia Baptist Church in Bucharest,Romania,filled with many young believers.He promised us He would open doors for ministry [Rev 3:7,8] He has lead us [Psalm 23:1-3] to the Roma [Gypsy] people,south of Bucharest,who are very open to hear His Gospel.

How I rejoice that our Lord has moved you all to be co-workers in this vital work.[ 3rd John 5-8 ]! Thank you for helping us obey His word [Luke 14:21-23]! Oh how this delights our Lord [Matt 9:35-38]!

Continue please to pray and support,for His day is drawing near!

With much thanks,
Dwight, Dani, Doinita, Adi, Luiza, Andrei, Ana, Dragos, Alina, Valentin, Sandina, Lica, Flory, Andreea, Lidia.


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