Dear brothers and sisters in Jesus Christ,
Greetings from Bucharest, Romania, from me and our ministry team here!

Very soon it will be thanksgiving time in the USA, celebration that started with a people who were thankful to God for the opportunity to worship and serve Him (1 Thess 1:9).
The Apostle Paul had the same attitude of thankfulness as he reported all that God had done with the ministry entrusted to him (Acts 14:26-28)! In the same spirit I want to thank God and all of His servants that He has stirred up to help us in prayer and investments!

I am often moved in my spirit as I remember it was God who chose to send the gospel to Europe 2000 years ago (Acts 16:9,10). But sadly Europe is in a deep sleep spiritually. Our constant prayers are for a great revival here in Europe to finish God’s work and fill His house (Luke 14:23).
And following our Lord we are going to many places to spread the gospel (Mark 1:38): In Armenia and Georgia we visit many cities, preaching in their churches, working with their youth groups, as our resources allow.Our Lord has even opened a door to Iranian believers. Much can be done here!

In Spain, Italy we know many servants of our Lord and visit and encourage as often as possible.

In Romania our Lord has given us friendships with many young believers from various areas of the country. We visit to teach and encourage. We have conferences for them. We now have a good Gypsy man who will pastor many of the Gypsies our Lord has given to us in 3 different locations.

Friends we cannot go forward without our Lord’s hand of favor and your prayers and financial helps.

Thank you for all you have done to make these advances for the gospel possible!
Love to all,


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