I’ve always wondered how did it felt like to be in that room where the Last Supper happened! And how did it feel like to be near that wondrous cross!

But you see, there is much more to it than just feeling or emotion. There is divine grace poured down to humanity, there’s God’s Law being satisfied, there’s the whole Heaven and earth to witness how The Son of Man payed the Ransom. The Ransom for all of our sins. He payed, He suffered, He died. But glory to God, He is risen! He went to prepare a place for all faithful ones.

Today, when we celebrate the very essence of Christianity, we would like to bow down not just our heads, but our whole being and say: “Thank You, Lord! Truly you are risen from the dead!There is hope! There is a way to Heaven. You are the Way! ”

Rejoice in the Risen Christ!
Ana Vasile for The ECM team


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