I’ve learned something important today from Gedeon’s story. You can be a “nobody” but God sees the potential in you and yes, it makes it develop. You can defeat every enemy when God draws the battle plan. What’s the secret? Well, nothing more, nothing less than good old obedience. The one we ran away as kids, the one we run away as adults.
I do want to obey God and not doubt His plan nor His strategy. Even though it’s the second Sunday when we had only about 10 kids coming.
It does feel like we’re walking in the valley when we were just on the hill. Christmas time brought a lot of victory. So in the spiritual regulation department, it does feel normal to be in the valley.

I know that our whole work it’s for God’s glory. He gives victory when there’s nothing to hope for. The whole work there it’s a testimony before God, angels and men. And men there think we’re crazy. Crazy for wanting to go on. Crazy for praying for a church there. Crazy for asking God a revival amongst the gypsies and Romanians there.
This is where our faith lies. In our God who gives the victory! Join this train of faith!
There’s a tune I still have in my mind, a reminiscence from Christmas. It should be part of my daily living.

Oh come let us adore Him.
In Christ, Your sister,
Ana Popa


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