Ok, it’s the end of the year! Again!
Maybe you think time is moving too fast and you just don’t get to enjoy all the blessings in your life. Or maybe there are way too many bad things happening to you that you just feel overwhelmed and tired.

Rest! Rest in God’s promises!

It is true; I do not know your situation. But God does. He says at some point through the lips of the prophet Hosea: “Stop and know I am the Lord.”
Here is where we stop for a moment, as an ECM team, and count our blessings and our trials. We realize how the ministry is focusing more on our own Jerusalem slash Bucharest. Our thoughts go even beyond…to our own Judea and Samaria. And once again we acknowledge God’s power to free captives from their sin and eternal damnation.
And after we’re all done and dusted with all the counting, we thank God and we rejoice in His promises.
It’s time you live out your joy. Be thankful! Even for the tears you’ve shed.

So start fresh! That’s what I plan to do. I just draw the line and submerge into the depth of His promises.
It’s a choice I am making, to just continue to follow Him. This is the best choice i am making And yes, I will need all the help I can get. One word can define it: grace.

Take a step of faith and enjoy the new year!
In Christ,
your sister Ana Popa


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