God’s blessings are not over, they continue to be revealed! Campina and Comarnic may seem, at times, like Horazin, Bethsaida or Capernaum. God alone knows the truth. He knows about all those repentance times, in fact, He is the one preparing them. We enjoy serving Christ and we are humbled by this amazing opportunity to be living witnesses for Him.

We love these kids so much! In the time we spent with them we formed a nice friendship. They're only a few, about 4 in Campina and 3 in Comarnic, a number that may vary from week to week and a number that means nothing in the sight of the Lord of Hosts, the One who fights for their souls!
One of the girls from Comarnic came to the church in Campina when brother Asatur from Armenia was visiting. That was so different for her. She listened to the Word, i pray. And she loves the language class in Comarnic as well as the Bible class.
We had some tea & biscuits with the girls here in Campina and they loved the chatting. We’re learning as well how to be a big kid and explain the Bible as they would get it.
All of this kids love making crafts and they love what comes out of their hands and imagination. It’s a good way to practice discipline and teamwork and a good idea on what to do with their spare time at home, instead of just relying on the technology (TV, computer games, internet etc.).

Please pray with us for open hearts and minds, ready to be transformed by the power of the Holy Spirit!

Ana Vasile
ECM NA Romania Team


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