What happens in Campina does not stay in Campina. It goes straight to Heaven’s ears!

It’s Ioana’s case, the 9 year old gypsy girl down the street.

She use to live in a village near Campina and for some reason she and her mom moved here on our street. They now live in a hut with her mom’s boyfriend. Ioana never went to school, since according to her papers she lives elsewhere. So she spends her days coloring, playing with her dog and making little trips to the shop to buy food, cigarettes and beer for her mom.

Ioana’s mom does not have a steady job. She sometimes goes to the cemetery to beg for food or money, other times she goes to look for wood for heating.

About a month ago we asked her if she wanted to come by our house and learn how to read and write. She said yes and since then she comes over twice a week. She’s not the quickest learner but she tries. The best bit is that we get to tell her about God and little songs and the church. She seems amazed since she never heard anything like it. I tell her God gave her a good brain and she should choose to use it to learn as well. She does not think she’s smart, because she can’t read or write.

Ioana needs your prayers to be constant. We need your prayers to be good testimonies for this young girl and her mom.

For the ECM team,
Ana and Andrei Vasile


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