Dear friends,
This is a short update on what the Lord is doing in Campina, Romania.

"Catalin and Cristina are a young gypsy couple we met through their relatives who live next door. They have three kids. After their small house burned down a couple of years ago, we raised money for construction materials and were able to help them rebuild it. The Lord also made it possible that we would hire them for small jobs and show that we mean good and respect them.

Through the grace of God we started to visit them with George (our Gypsy Pastor in Budesti) and that had a great impact on them, to see the Word of God lived by one of their own. Whenever we go, we gather in one of the huts and sing, pray, preach. There is so much potential there! Please, keep them and us in your prayers!"

In Christ,
Andrei and Ana Vasile ECM Team - Romania


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