We praise God for the new life He has given us. Our words are not enough to express it, but our hearts are really full of gratitude. We love the light of the Lord and we pray that those who we share the Gospel with love it too. For ever.  

· Monday the 21st was the second time we went together with George and Dragos to the gypsy area in Campina. We stopped at the little house we built for them a couple of years ago. They are people we meet with at least once or twice a month. We help them in different ways (clothing, furniture, work etc.) but on Monday we stopped to share the Gospel. This time, they were not as many as the first time – some were away – but the ones who did attend were paying so much attention, as if they would not want to miss any word. We understood once again that those who are moved by the Spirit of God to listen, nothing can distract their attention. And we praise the Lord for George, because he knew how to speak their way. One of the young mothers there, a 16 year old girl, came to the church the evening before that, on Sunday, because she “sensed” she should do that. It made us happy.

The kids at the Bible club are growing. In Campina and Comarnic just the same. And we do pray that everything they learn with us would work in their lives, at the right time, so that they might have a true regeneration. The seed is seeded into their hearts for a few years now. Some were worried we want to teach them how to be a baptist; no, we’re teaching them what it means to be a Christian. Through the Bible, through our talking, walking and relating. This past Sunday, we had a baptism at the church in Campina. We invited Gabi, the boy from the kids club in Comarnic. He could not believe that the girl who was baptised was not forced to do so, but it was something she willed. He could not believe that the pastor who preached came to faith when he was serving in the army. He could not believe that God works, in his own words “so over the top”, to such extremes. But by grace, he should believe it. And not just him, others too, because our God is alive, He cares for us, He’s involved, He is going to extremes for us, He crosses mountains and divides seas, He fights for every hair on our head. This is our God!

· We are now preparing the Bible contest which is on December 10. And we study about worship, from Psalm 145:1-5, Matt. 1 and 2 and Luke 1 and 2. Pray, because when we talk about worship, their idea of it is completly different then the evangelicals’. We also prepare a few songs and Bible verses for the Christmas Eve celebration, at church. Two of the Comarnic kids said they’ll come, and more from Campina. We told them to invite their parents as well.

All these plans and others, on how to reach more and more people, gypsies and non gypsies, are in God’s hands, where we place them in prayer. We don’t know what tomorrow holds, as a song says, but we know Who holds tomorrow. And maybe this time, He will go to even more extremes then we expect.

Thank your for such valuable prayer and support,
In Christ, Andrei and Ana Vasile 


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