Dear partners in the work of our God,
Our Lord Jesus teaches us compassion, among many things. He had compassion for the masses, for they seem to be like sheep without shepherd.

It’s not long ago that a young gypsy family, with three small children, was left without a home. Their mud hut caught fire and the few things they had burned.

As a church, we wanted to help. We waited to gather some of the material and of course some of the money and we started to build.
In just a few days’ worth of work, the house was finally erected. We worked on the walls and now we’re at that stage when we plaster the walls. We were just a handful of people but our Lord was on our side. Even when we were all taken down by either a virus of a sun stroke. The Lord is good to us and He helps us help others. To live the Christian life, practically, is in itself a test of faith that we must take daily in front of others.

Autumn is here. That’s when the kids in the Bible clubs in Campina, Comarnic and Miner Village are starting school. The summer pick nick we held in Comarnic was a good time for the kids and some of their parents to meet and have fun together. The kids continue with their English lessons and will start again their Spanish classes, soon. Their Bible knowledge was put to test in a special competition we had this summer. It was interesting to see how the kids with no evangelical background came to give their best. They had to read, memorize, and remember places, event all from the Bible. another competition is being prepared now for December.

Work is furthering at the church in Campina where we’re preparing a side building that would serve as a youth place, Bible study place and other church activities; it’s a good size place, right next to the church, being reconditioned and prepared for whatever our Lord has prepared in the future. The ground floor at the church in Comarnic still needs painting. We replaced the old windows, put some of the tiles and praying we’ll have enough money to continue with building the indoor toilets. But events will continue there, the nearest one is celebrating Thanksgiving October 18th.

In everything, we see God’s intervention; moving people to be compassionate and chip in with bits and bobs, arranging event and building relationships for His Kingdom’ sake.

Everything moves in God’s set rhythm.
Taking further the word of God, for His honor and glory,
Andrei and Ana Vasile.


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