God blessed about 135 places on Valea Prahovei the outreach week 14-18 july 2014. After an intense training with AMEC missionaries, lots of prayer and fasting, people from local churches were ready to evangelize. We were assigned areas from Campina, Sat Miner and Comarnic. The team (Andrei, Ana, Cristina, Larisa, Bogdan, Eliza, Alin)served faithfully in these 3 places.
Our purpose was to make known not just the Gospel, but its complete message to the kids and parents that attend to the meetings. This was done daily as we had a well structured schedule: we had games, songs with actions, images, and a well prepared Bible story.

We had kids that knew part of the stories and some who had no clue. Our stories were about the miraculous birth of our Lord Jesus Christ, His life, His sufferings and crucifixion and His resurrection. All the games, activities and songs were pointing to the Biblical truth. In Campina we started small, with 3 kids in the first day but increasing daily up to 10. Praise God! In Sat Miner (Miner Village), up to 30 kids everyday. Praise God! In Comarnic, up to 9 kids everyday. Praise God!

But brothers and sisters, what are numbers in the sight of God? Nothing. We are serving a Great Great God who loves individually and behaves justly individually.
He is Mighty to save!

In Campina, Sat Miner and Comarnic are now starting Bible groups weekly with the kids from the outreach. Pray they will be truly saved! Pray we are a good testimony for them!
 For the ECM team, Andrei and Ana


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