"The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it" (John 1:5).
We praise God for His light, because, by His grace we are able to minister to kids in Comarnic and Campina, and to the poor gypsy area in Campina, and whoever God brings our way. The word of God is proclaimed to them and we are waiting for His grace to melt their hearts!

Gabi, the young man in Comarnic, came to the church in Campina when we celebrated Thanksgiving and shared a Christian poem with us. The girls from Campina's Bible club also came to church and one of the dads also came along - one with a sad story of drinking and divorce from the "Christian" mother - . Last Sunday we had baby David's dedication - our nephew who was born to Cami and Emi Vasile - and we also had Gabi and Diana with us, the young people to whom we minister in Comarnic.
Now, coming to a baptist church service may not seem like a big deal in general, but here, in the small town of Campina or Comarnic, Romania, it is a big deal. And that's because of the Orthodox ever present church who does not condone it.
A responsive audience we seem to have found in the gypsy area which we visit from time to time in Campina. We gathered yesterday inside one of their little homes and we gladly noticed that they've put in the effort to make it nice and neat, made the beds, cleaned around so no clothes were scattered on the floors and such. We were happy to learn and to relate to them more then to preach and as the Word of God was proclaimed, we asked simple questions like "We speak a lot of the Lord Jesus Christ, but do you know who He is?". Some also renew their promise on wanting to learn how to read and write. We pray progress will be made with them, as our main goal is to make known Christ and Him alone.

Please pray with us, so that Christ will be glorified in all these lives and that His light will shine upon them and will bring them to saving faith!

in Christ,
Andrei and Ana Vasile ECM Team in Romania


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