Last week we visited another poor family in Comarnic. The parents and five children live in a one room shack.
The place looks really bad but it’s the place where Radea family eats, sleeps, washes.
The father knows the Bible from his own mother, a Pentecostal woman. But the bad thing is he uses the Word against his wife, laughing at her that she doesn’t fulfill anything written there. The wife is a woman who has her own issues. She curses herself, a lot. She says she can’t help it and if we can help her somehow that would be good for her. Because she thinks she suffers because of it. And yes, she curses the kids as well; this is also part of the family picture. Together they have a typical attitude: she thinks she cannot change, and he thinks he’s too good to be changed.

We went there to help preaching the Gospel.
Pray that the power of Christ finds these people ready to be saved.

For God’s glory,
Ana and Andrei Vasile


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