God is good!
The Lord is gracious to us and gives us opportunities to serve, even in barren land such as Comarnic. It’s a little town up north, in the mountains, where people don’t want to know about God so much, not from Baptists anyway. We prayed for years that the church build there would be filled with believers and that Comarnic would suffer a tremendous revival.

To begin speaking about God we have to live God’s words. Be there for people who suffer and struggle. Having some addresses of poor people from the town hall, we were off to a poor and needy family in Comarnic last Thursday, a widower with 4 kids. They were grateful for the cloths and school supplies and for the good word.
Please pray for Filipescu family!

On Sunday a small team went to church and prayed together for a revival in Comarnic.
Great victories come when we’re on our knees.

This coming Thursday we’re praying we can visit another widow, a 31 year old mother of 2, called Alina who has just suffered a mastectomy.

In the spring we’re praying to organize a small afterschool at the church and teach English.
Please pray for Comarnic! We do not want to give up on this place, just because people are not receptive to the Gospel!

Trusting in God’s timely kindness,
Andrei Vasile


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