We are bearing a holy message. Sometimes, literally. And thus we pray to be powerful tools in the hands of our Lord so that we’re sharing the Gospel’s holy message more effectively. The beauty of this challenge is actions like the National Bible Reading Campaign, which happened on the 12th of May 2012.

Forty young people from Valea Prahovei’ Baptist churches together with Alex Vlasin – Baptist Union Mission Coordinator – and a few youngsters from Bucharest gathered together, planned and spread into teams to take over Comarnic. With the Gospel. Houses and people passing on the streets and mountain roads were questioned about God and the Word of God. Each had a survey sheet with questions of awareness of the Bible. About 250 people were contacted and only 160 answered to questions like “Do you read the Bible?”, “Do you have a Bible?”, “Can the Bible change our society?”
People’s reactions are interesting. They either become suspicious, angry or just fearful when faced with questions which they would rather avoid. Even the mayor in Comarnic was pretty upset with some of the young people and accused them of proselytism and illegal actions. But the things God prepared have a priority; therefore the mayor could not prove anything. The right to survey and the right to an opinion belongs to everyone, praise God.
But from an opinion to the decision of having a Bible, there’s a long way, with Comarnic. Ninety people said they don’t want a Bible and they don’t want to read the one they had with anyone. The other seventy people were looked for weeks and months after.

First of July 2012 was another day when young people from Valea Prahovei’ churches went to Comarnic with a heart filled with joy. The joy of spreading the Gospel.
And even though there are so many numbers I’ve shared, God knows the numbers of those looking for Him with an aching heart and a need of truth.

Pray for the three families that agreed to read the Bible with us!
In Comarnic the counting starts with 1!
We are also thankful to Mission without Borders for giving us the Bibles to share with people in a place lacking the Truth.

In Christ, our Lord, the Hope of Glory
Andrei Vasile


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